March 2021

Tabletop Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Review

Tabletop Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Review

When you need hot or cold beverages, the hot and cold water dispenser will most likely provide the lift. Homes and offices have become fully dependent on this office product.

The right machine for the right reasons: The need for a warm or chilly drink has developed into a ritual. In the morning and just before bedtime, we go for steaming hot coffee. Now during break time, we prefer a serving of cold beverage. Nobody can consciously count the cups of coffee one can consume in a day. It would even be much more during cold weather. Similarly when the weather is temperate, cool drinks are inevitable. To support our need for both, a combination of hot and cold water dispenser becomes a gaudy option. And it is so reliable that water can be served in an instant with absolutely no waiting time.

A hot and cold water dispenser unit works with no moving parts: A break room machine of this kind can last indefinitely. It relies solidly on thermoelectric cooling to operate. This is also referred to as the Peltier method of cooling and/or heating. In essence electricity is applied across a solid body. The Peltier effect turns one end cold, while the opposing end hot. The cold end cools water while the hot end is connected to a heat sink to radiate heat. Heat gained is sufficient to raise water temperature to just below boiling point. In the absence of moving parts, a water dispenser unit of this kind will last through long years of use.

Portable hot and cold water dispensers are slowly inching in popularity. This equipment is well suited to homes and offices because it entirely eliminated expensive in-house installation. All that is required is the purchase of a dispenser unit which is plugged into the wall power outlet. Water is supplied in large plastic bottles courtesy of water refilling stations. Water could be bought per canister or the water refilling station can provide it on a regular basis. This supply arrangement sits well with most homes and offices.

This type of dispensers is efficient to operate. The cooling system does not use compressors and heaters are not engaged to provide hot water. Without the power guzzlers in the dispenser unit, energy consumption is minimal. The difference in energy consumption is wide. Even if a unit is plugged throughout the day, energy used is still lower than that of conventional dispensers. The low power bill could be the only reason why most users are shifting preference to portable hot and cold water dispensers. That is aside from the affordable water supplied in plastic canisters.

Next time you need to reduce power consumption, consider shifting preferences. Use hot and cold water dispensers instead.…

Ice-O-Matic’s ICE0500 and CD40030 or 40130 Provide Cool Times at Large Hotels

Ice-O-Matic’s ICE0500 and CD40030 or 40130 Provide Cool Times at Large Hotels

When staying in lavish hotels and venturing on expensive vacations, guests often believe that every one of their needs should be met or exceeded. It is a reasonable request, especially after they may have spent hundreds to thousands of dollars on a dream vacation or weekend getaway. All of their wishes should be fulfilled, and all of their expectations should be met. Your ice machine’s production should not be a contributing factor to a guest’s letdown.

Imagine ruining a romantic weekend for a newlywed couple because your machine could not keep a substantial amount of ice on hand for them to keep their champagne adequately chilled. Think of the 21st birthday party that cannot find enough ice to keep their drinks cold. These problems become obsolete when you acquire the Ice-O-Matic ICE0500 ice maker, and the CD40030 or CD40130 ice dispenser.

The ICE0500 assures that every floor of your hotel will have the ice necessary to accommodate your guests. Producing around 600 pounds per day, the ICE0500 is one of the most powerful units available to be equipped with a hotel dispenser. The CD40030 and the CD40130 are highly effective dispensers that provide a quarter pound of ice per second from the touch free chute. These dispensers are operated with a lever that requires no touching of the machine – the container pushes the lever. The CD40130 model from Ice-O-Matic comes equipped with a water dispenser included as well.

With an Ice-O-Matic ice machine, you are assured a quality machine that will last a long time. The Pure Ice technology from Ice-O-Matic allows for fresh tasting ice by inhibiting bacteria growth while Ice-O-Matic’s Harvest Assist contributes to provide constant, consistent ice production while reducing energy consumption and increasing the machine’s capacity.

Also standard with any Ice-O-Matic machine is the longest warranty in the ice machine industry. With three years parts and labor, five years parts on the compressor and evaporator, and an available seven year parts and labor warranty on the evaporator, Ice-O-Matic is the clear cut leader for consistency and quality. The seven year warranty is available with the purchase of an Ice-O-Matic water filter, which must be replaced every six months. The water filter will greatly improve water quality and ice freshness as well. Another option for the ICE0500 ice machine is to discharge air from the top. This means your unit does not require additional clearance space on the sides of the machine.

Don’t ever let a lack of ice turn your guests’ stay into a miserable event. A poor review is enough to deter the consideration of any future guests. You should ensure nothing happens to prevent a guest’s return, especially if it can be avoided with the proper cuber head and dispenser combination. Visit our Ice Machines Plus website and check out the Ice-O-Matic ICE0500 and the CD40030 and CD40130 dispensers and find the perfect machines for your establishment today.…

Water Dispenser: Easy Dispensing of Cool, Hot and Room Temperature Water

Water Dispenser: Easy Dispensing of Cool, Hot and Room Temperature Water

Nowadays, people are slowly becoming aware of the benefits of water to our health and our lives in general. Water is an essential item in our day-to-day living without which we will die in days. The basic need of drinking water that is clean and fresh allows us to find ways for its easy access, hence the provision of water dispensers in our own homes and in offices.

Water coolers give us easy availability of either hot or cold water. Whether we stay at home or at work, we need hot water constantly for our hot beverages such as coffee, chocolate, or tea, as well as hot snacks such as instant noodles, cereals, and soup. Cold water is readily available for preparing our cold juices and fruit drink mixes but most of all, ready to have it refreshingly cool every time.

Currently, there are different models of coolers that boast of several features. Some can be converted from freestanding in their full size into a table-top water dispenser. This is an advantage especially when these are transported and brought somewhere without following a complex process of re-installation. The base is simply removed and easily put back as the need arises. It is equipped with LED lights where one can be reminded whether it is plugged in or not; and whether it is heating or cooling water.

These are child-friendly units because the hot-water faucets possess tabs that can be pushed together making it safe for use when there are kids around. Other dispensers make for dual motion by turning and pushing the hot water latch and stop the hot flow as soon as it is released. Handles for the spouts are differentiated for ease in remembering what water temperature is required, blue for cold and red for hot. Other units also provide storage space compartments for placing glasses, cups, napkins and other essentials for drinking. The drip tray allows for easy cleaning since it is removable.

Dispensers for instantly available hot and cold water are built with properly insulated parts. When you want water at room temperature, there is an extra faucet for it. In addition to this, it helps save consumption of energy as well as reduces the cost for electricity. It looks good wherever it is placed because it is available in clean and cool colors such as white and stainless steel. Some units boast of push button faucets where dispensing of water is easy, as well as release valves which automatically open the water container as soon as it is loaded into it. The valve also reduces spills and avoids splashes maintaining cleanliness all around.

The water dispenser is one option for obtaining clean and fresh water at all times. Whether it is a bottled or the bottle-less dispenser, or whether it is the free-standing and table top type, it still is considered the best unit type when you want water hot, cold or at room temperature.…

Spring Cleaning to Discourage Pest Activity

Spring Cleaning to Discourage Pest Activity

If you are one of the many homeowners thinking about that spring cleaning, what you may not know is that spring cleaning both inside and outside is a great way to discourage pest activity. Most pests are attracted to your home from clutter or food, which means that by eliminating these things you will be eliminating potential home pest infestations. The bugs are very busy in the spring trying to gather food, reproduce, and make a perfect home for the warmer months. Thankfully there are a few key cleaning tips that will help to keep the bugs away from your home and property.

Inside spring cleaning tips:

Deep clean of the kitchen – Grab the scrubbing brush and some cleaning gloves so you can get into all of the hard to reach places like behind the stove and under the refrigerator. Aside from the appliances you should also focus on a deep clean of your food pantry and kitchen cupboards. Make sure there are no crumbs or spills that are building up and then as you put food away make sure any open food items are stored in containers with tight fitting lids to keep any bugs out.

Organize storage spaces – This includes the attic, basement, garage, or any other room dedicated to the storage of clutter in your home. It is the storage areas that we spend less time in that pests are most attracted to. And clutter, like stacks of old newspapers are a great hiding space for some pests to camp out. Placing your belongings in plastic storage bins with a lid is a great way to not only pest proof your precious items, but also to keep them safe from moisture and mold.

Outside spring cleaning tips:

Clear your yard of any sticks, branches or tree limbs – Wood on your property could attract termites so it is best to make sure that there are no pieces laying around, getting moist and perfect for a termite infestation.

Redirect water to stay away from your property – Water is another attractor of pests including mosquitoes and termites, who need moist conditions in order to survive. Especially in the spring when the ground is really moist, watch out for any streams or stagnant water on your property.

By following these spring cleaning tips, both inside and out, your home will be better protected from unwanted pest invaders. Prevention is both highly effective and a chemical free approach to pest control, which makes it very important to stay on top of throughout the entire year.…

Home Interior Decoration – Undercoating Surfaces When Painting Your House

Home Interior Decoration – Undercoating Surfaces When Painting Your House

The reasons for undercoating surfaces while you are conducting your home interior decoration are very simple and very important. Preparation in painting rooms is vital, without it your job will look amateur and very ugly. Once a surface is ready to paint and you’ve decided what it is your going to paint, a good rub down with the appropriate grade sand paper and then a good quality undercoat applied will give a nice finish. When an undercoat is applied properly two things happen:

1. The surface gets sealed

2. The surface is binded back to a hard shell ready for its last coat

The importance of knowing the properties of the undercoat for your home interior decoration job is vital. It will help you understand what happens on a finer and microscopic level. It’s not just an excuse to sell more paint to you! It’s a very important product even more important than the finish coat, because it determines the finish product.

If you can imagine a sponge and its surface it has a lot of holes and is very porous, right! So you need to seal that surface back to a smooth workable platform that will give you a nice clean canvas to work with. That is the job that undercoat is built for. To act as a surface builder ready for any coat you may be applying. So an undercoat is extremely important ay mate!

Before starting your next home interior decoration job try this! Do a sample, a surface with no undercoat and one with undercoat and you will notice a huge difference in the one that is coated, better coverage and a lot smoother finish.

BUT REMEMBER a good quality undercoat! Don’t just say ahhh phh it’s just an undercoat, I only need something for the top coat to sit on. Big mistake! The quality ones sand to a nice powdery finish and are not plastic looking. So remember this when starting your home interior decoration job the undercoat is the most important coat of paint that will determine the outcome of your finished product.

Well I hope you’ve learned something from my painting tips and I’ll catch ya on the next run for more painting and decorating tips. Happy painting people… Wayne the painter.…

Interior Lighting – 3 Easy to Follow Tips to Get the Best Illumination at Home

Interior Lighting – 3 Easy to Follow Tips to Get the Best Illumination at Home

The right interior lighting gives a warm and cozy appearance to your room. It highlights your architecture and precious decorative pieces and gives a different glow in the overall appearance of your living space. To achieve your desired look, you do not have to hire a professional decorator to do the job. With these simple tips, you can turn your room into a work of art all by yourself. Also you will save some money in the process, since let’s admit it, hiring an interior designer or decorator is not cheap.


There are different types of interior lighting. You can choose from accent lights, recessed, cans and decorative pieces such as various wall sconces and table lamps. When deciding upon the type for your interior lighting, keep every single aspect in balance. Think about your overall theme and take note of the size and design of the pieces that you want to optimally highlight. With balanced designing, you can bring out the glow in the room and create a stylish look in your place.


Some professional designers recommend the use of dimmers in your interior design. The dimmer gives an element of style and adds drama to your space. Aside from the decorative function, it helps you save energy by as much as 25% and extends the life of your bulb. When you install dimmers with your interior lighting, you can change the ambiance in the room any way you want. From the bright light that promotes your energy and activities, you can slow down by turning it to lower settings. This way you can create a more muted, romantic mood. There are no limits to what type of mood and ambient you can create in the room with a light dimmer.

Task Lighting

If you want to focus on a space or increase the illumination in the area, task lights are your best option. Examples of this type of interior lighting are lights placed under cabinets as well as desk lamps. They provide additional illumination that regular ambient lights cannot give. Because of their design, they can serve as ornaments as well. While most desk lamps are not particularly elegant, since their main focus is providing good illumination to whatever task you are doing, you can still find some beautiful pieces that also double as decorative elements in the room.

As you can see, interior lighting does not have to be very difficult or complex to achieve. Just think of your style and the functionality of the fixture, combine the two and you will have perfect harmony in your home with only a few new carefully chosen lighting fixtures.…

Water Cooler Dispenser Types – Which Water Dispensers Are Best?

Water Cooler Dispenser Types – Which Water Dispensers Are Best?

Water coolers typically fall into one of two categories; bottled and bottle less. The look of the typical water cooler dispenser has changed drastically in recent years, from bulky eyesores to sleek and stylish fixtures that blend into the decor of any type of home or office. These exciting new designs are featured in a wide variety of colors including natural wood finish, gold and stainless steel. They are an attractive and functional addition to any home or office.

Bottled Water Cooler Dispensers

In offices where a permanent alteration such as a plumbed-in water cooler is not permitted, a bottled water dispenser is the suitable choice. Because this type of water cooler dispenser is impermanent and portable, it can be placed in direct proximity to any work area, far from any water supply. This is especially convenient in temporary offices such as those found on construction sites.

Having a supply of bottled water to drink is particularly beneficial in areas where the tap water is unpleasant tasting or of questionable quality. In the home, a bottled water cooler dispenser is ideal in situations where permanent alterations to the premises are not permitted, such as in rental units.


Ideal for spaces where no plumbing is present

Good alternative to tap water, which can sometimes be of poor quality

Portable and convenient


Purchasing a supply of bottled water

Replacement bottles and empties require storage space

Full bottles can be difficult to change due to weight

Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser

A bottleless water dispenser is generally more compact than the bottled variety because it lacks the bulky bottle. It is conveniently attached to existing plumbing for an unlimited free source of water. The water is filtered and then cooled before it is dispensed, converting even unpalatable tap water into great tasting fresh, clean water.

Although the installation of this type of water cooler is slightly more complicated because it is connected to a water source, it is virtually maintenance-free except for regular filter changes.


Free unlimited source of water; no need to purchase water

No bulky bottles to change and store

Compact and virtually maintenance-free


More complicated installation

Relatively permanent; not portable

Cannot be used in rentals or areas with no water source


A water cooler dispenser can be obtained from a variety of places. Most home supply stores carry them in one form or another, and water delivery companies such as Culligan also offer the units for lease or purchase. A host of online dealers such as Aquaverve offer both bottled and bottleless water coolers in a wide selection of exciting new designs and colors. Browsing the sites of many online dealers gives you the opportunity to view a large number of different designs prior to making a purchase.…

Floor Mirror Styles and How to Choose the Best One

Floor Mirror Styles and How to Choose the Best One

The overall beauty or elegance of any home is a combination of several factors. It has as much to do with the choice of the furnishings as well as the manner of arrangement. A floor standing mirror is typically known as a functional piece but hey, it is also a very good decorative item. There are several ways in which floor length mirrors can be incorporated into any home resulting in a drastic transformation of the room. Apart from their functional and decorative uses, they have also been known as instruments by which small rooms can be made to appear larger. This concept works by the creation of a visual illusion that adds depth to the room which then seems bigger than it really is.

In order to achieve these purposes, a floor mirror can be found in a large variety of styles and themes. To start with, there are floor length mirrors that are typically supported by frames. Such designs are known as freestanding mirrors. As such they require no installation to the wall. There are also large floor mirrors that need to be fixed to walls in order to use them.

Among freestanding mirrors there are the fixed types and there are the adjustable ones. The adjustable ones are also known as cheval mirrors. A cheval floor mirror comes with knobs that allow it to be suitably adjusted to favor any direction desired by the viewer. It can be tilted vertically and horizontally to accommodate any viewing plane. There are different styles that can be achieved with a freestanding mirror because of the supporting frame.

Wooden frames are usually the most commonly used. However, depending on taste and budget a standing mirror can also come with other types of frames. Golden and silver frames are other examples. The design of a frame also contributes to the level of style that can be achieved especially if intricately done.

An antique floor mirror is another style for floor length mirrors and can conveniently fit in with an antique or even a modern setting. A floor mirror can also be found in modern themes of course. A floor mirror no doubt comes in a large number of styles that will transform any home.…

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