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Where to Find House Plans With Photos?

house plans with photos

To make it easier for people to be interested in buying a home, developers offer their house plans with images. It becomes your satisfaction in looking for the house plans with photos or images. You can easily identify how does it look in real and what will you prepare to buy one of the house plans with photos. Besides, you also can look at the shape of the house, can it be modified easily or not. There are three good recommendations of house plans with photos below to find your dream house.

The Architectural Design

The first place you can visit for house plans with photos is The Architectural Design. If you are looking for the classic style of house, this is the right place for you. There are bunch of the offers that have classic exterior. You also can learn the whole part of the house because The Architectural Design will give you the house plans with photos in detail. Even, there are also blueprint and 3 Dimensional  view which are very useful for you. If you are sure to choose this home designer, you can complete your home by knowing tips for home decor with classic style.

The Plan Collection

The next place to get house plans with photos is The Plan Collection. This is a good recommendation also because it has more styles to choose. Craftsman, Country house, European house, and ranch are the options for your dream house. From the small until luxurious house, all are available based on your need. But it has blueprint only so that you will not be able to see it in 3D. But there are pricing option and additional information which are very useful to know.

The House Designer

In finding their best house, of course people are really careful for the house plans. The more complete information from the developers, the more also opportunity to get the customers. This is very corresponding with the third of house plans with photos named The House Designer. It understands the customers well in looking for their best house through the images. There will be some images of every part in the house including kitchen, living area, and interior. The plan details are also available so that you can estimate the size.…



Having a house with a minimalist design sometimes is kind of tricky. Interior design ideas for the minimalist house can give a clean, comfortable, and elegant impression. But on the other hand, house with a minimalist interior design ideas can also make your house look empty and monotonous. Here are some interior design ideas for the minimalist house that you can try to redecorate your house decor.

Choose The Right Color

You need to choose the right color for the interior design ideas for the minimalist house. The best choice for the interior design ideas for the minimalist house is the bright color such as white, light grey, or combination between white and black. The other colors you can’t forget is the neutral colors because it can give a clean and simple look.

Wall Accessories

You can hang some simple accessories on the wall so that your house will not look monotonous. The gradation painting could be a good choice for your interior design ideas. A simple painting or accessories could be the focal point of your minimalist house. Choose only one big wall to put the accessories and make it the center of your house.

Unique Rug

Nowadays, there are many designs and pattern of rugs that you can choose for your interior design ideas. You can choose a unique pattern or color for your rug and put it to the center of the room. It can give a different vibe to your minimalist house.

Indoor Plants

The greenery from the plants can give a lively atmosphere to your house. You can set some plants on the shelf. Choose the plants that easy to treat such as succulents.

Design The Corner Of The Room

Because you only have a little space, you need to take advantage of every space of your house. You can create a shelf in the corner of the wall to put some accessories.…



Sometimes you may need some decorating ideas for your home. Whether you have a big and luxurious home or a small and simple home. A luxurious house not only can be found with the excessive decoration. A simple home could also be luxury with some of the following home decorating ideas. These tips below may help you to design a simple yet luxurious home decor.

Warm Wall Colour And Minimalist Wallpaper

One of the main keys in simple yet luxurious home decor is the choice of the wall design. Whether you choose a plan wall colour like white, grey or beige or decorate it with a wallpaper. You can choose a wallpaper with motifs of lace or abstract with a warm colour. The most important thing in decorating ideas for your home is to make sure that every aspect of the decorations are balanced and blends as well.

Note The Messy Cable

The simple thing to do in decorating ideas for your home is tidy up the messy cable. One of the things that can ruin a simple but luxurious home decor is the distraction of the cable lying carelessly. Such as cable TV, fan, charger and various other wires. To create a perfect home decor, make sure you have hidden the cables.

Decorate The Wall With Family Photos

Showing the warmth of the family can also be a simple home decorating ideas for your home. It could be a trick that changes a simple house into a luxurious house. Not just a minimalist décor, but the warmth of the family can also add the luxury of your home. So, do not hesitate to decorate a room in your house with various family photos.

Keep It Simple

The next decorating ideas for your home is to keep it simple. Simple but luxurious home decor will be perfect if you carry a minimalist theme. No need to choose too many decorations and also the display wall. Choose a few that could be a statement item. On the other words, if you put too many decorations it will make the room look full.

Use The Harmonize Colours

Try not to use too many colours in decorating ideas for your home. For example, use only 3 dominance colours such as white, grey and beige. It will make your house more simple yet luxurious.

Put Ornaments At One Place

If you have a lot of ornaments, try not to spread the display in various corners of the house. Combine the display in a glass display cabinet. For example, put your favourite books and other decorations in one place alongside the TV cabinet. This will not take too much spot in your house.

Put Souvenirs From Travelling

If you often go travelling, put a variety of souvenirs you collect from many places. Try to put together a display with a single theme, such as plates, cutting board, or any other souvenirs. This will complete the stage of decorating ideas for your home.…

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