4 Ways to Cool Down a Hot Room Without Using AC

If you are currently looking for ways to cool a hot room, this article can help you. Currently, several regions in Indonesia are experiencing hot temperatures. In order to still feel comfortable in your room, you can turn on the air conditioner or air conditioner. But if you don’t have air conditioning or your air conditioner is out of order, these few ways to cool a hot room can help you.


How to cool a hot room

Use Ice and a fan

Before there was air conditioning, people used this trick to cool rooms. They put the ice in a large bowl then place it in a location where a fan can blow it. This trick can create a cool and cool breeze in your room.

Close the curtains during the day

Do not leave your bedroom exposed to the scorching sun during the day. To avoid this, close the curtains in your room so that the sun does not enter and makes the temperature hotter in the room. Some people even use rolled up towels and place them at the bottom of the door to prevent heat from entering through the door.

Use cold sheets

If your mattress uses hot sheets, you will certainly feel uncomfortable when you have to rest on it. As a solution, you can use cold sheets such as cotton. Sheets made of cotton have easy care and are durable. One of the high quality cotton sheets is the Egyptian cotton.

In addition to using cotton, you can also use sheets made of bamboo to cope with the hot weather. Bamboo has natural anti-microbial properties that will feel soft on the skin. In addition, bamboo sheets are also known to be breathable so that heat will not be trapped in the sheets.

Use a ceiling fan to cool down

A hanging fan can keep the room temperature cool. The fan will keep the air moving so it can cool the temperature of your room. In hot weather, you should make sure that the fan rotates counterclockwise. This will create cool air that flows down or toward the floor.…

Tips for Arranging a Narrow Living Room

The living room is a room in the house that serves to receive every guest who comes. Therefore the living room must look beautiful and comfortable, because in the living room, every guest can judge every side of your home.

Living Room

However, every house certainly has a different living room size, some even have a small living room. Then how do you organize the living room to make it look wider?

Actually there are some tips or ways you can do to make the appearance of your small living room look spacious. Here’s how:

Living room without partition

Make a living room without a partition. If the living room and family room are combined, it will make the living room look wider, while in a house that has too many permanent partitions, it will make your house look narrower.

Make sure all the furniture is close to the living room wall

In arranging furniture, you must also pay attention to how to arrange it in a small living room size. To make it look spacious, the right furniture is to position the furniture so that it can continue to stick to the wall in an I shape. That way, the empty space in the living room will be wider.

In addition, the arrangement and selection of furniture must also be adjusted to the size of the room. Therefore, choose small furniture if your living room has a small size too.

Add mirror decorations

Mirror decoration added to the walls of the room will fit perfectly with a small room. The trick is to install a decoration in the form of a large mirror on the wall of the living room so that the small living room will have double the area. The position of the mirror should be opposite to the position of the sofa in the living room.

Window and door design

To arrange the living room to make it look more spacious, you can design windows and doors in such a way. Make a wide window design with clear glass, because a wide window model will help you get rid of the narrow and stuffy impression in the room. The door design must also be designed in such a way, choose a high-sized door with a double or two-door model so that the room feels wider. In order for air circulation to run properly, you should make ventilation with a size large enough both above the door and above the window.


Choose colors and wallpaper motifs with bright colors, while the motifs that are highly recommended for narrow rooms are wallpapers with line motifs, both vertically and horizontally.

That’s how to arrange a narrow living room to make it look wider. Hopefully this information can be useful for you.…

Tips for Designing a Boy’s Bedroom

For every couple, designing every room in the house seems easy except for the design of the rooms and beds . This will become more difficult if the family members continue to grow. If it’s possible that you have a daughter, surely you can get a lot of inspiration from magazines or the internet to make a child’s bedroom more interesting .

However, for some parents, designing a boy’s bedroom is more challenging because they have to think about every detail that should be in a boy’s room. The following are some useful tips that you can use when designing the interior of a boy’s bedroom .

Include planning with enough space for your boy’s bedroom

Before you think about what furniture and decorations will be displayed in your child’s room, it would be better to think about the available space in the room you want to decorate. Make sure that your child’s room has enough space because boys are usually very active in their movements.

In addition, with a large enough room, you can create a simple playroom so that the children feel at home in the room for a long time. They can play lego, play a train set, or even play a puzzle.

When they grow up, later they can invite friends to play in their room and do fun things like playing music together. Make your boy’s room as comfortable as possible by including soothing neutral colors.

Consider the things your child likes

The first thing when designing a room for a boy is to ask him what he likes. If your little boy likes to draw his favorite cartoons, you can decorate the walls with his favorite cartoons such as superhero cartoons, or even a forest scene if you don’t have a favorite figure to choose from.

But keep in mind, as the child grows and develops, of course the things they like will continue to change, so choose a design that is not too childish so that when they grow up, you don’t need to change the room decoration as a whole.

Not only wall decorations, you can choose bed covers with certain themes that match the overall decor, starting from the walls and floors.

Make your child’s room as simple as possible

You might choose a neutral color, especially if the room used is a shared room. Neutral colors such as beige and white can be used together with other brighter colors as special accents to beautify the walls of a child’s room. Avoid using colors that are too flashy because it will make your child’s room too full and excessive.

In addition to beige and white, you can choose blue which can also be combined with other colors. In addition, the blue color can provide a calming effect for your boy. To give the room a fresh feel, combine green, white and blue colors. If you’re not too comfortable with wall paint colors,

You can replace it with a vertical wallpaper with blue and white colors that can give a simple but still attractive appearance.

Provide sufficient storage space

Storage space is needed for boys in his room so that all the belongings can be neatly arranged. Since boys don’t usually care much about styling, it would be best if you put a label on each storage drawer to speed up the styling process when your little boy is in a rush to go out.

Also prepare a large box that can store small toys such as lego or cars, which of course are not small in number. As for the room for boys who are starting to grow up, prepare a separate storage area that is usually used to store their favorite CD band cassettes or sensitive gadgets.

Gas Fires – Perfect For Chilly Summer Nights

Gas Fires – Perfect For Chilly Summer Nights

Gas fires are a great way of heating an area, whether it is the indoor or the outdoors. Now that the days have grown a little warmer, the nights can still be slightly chilly, and there may be need of some heating. In these circumstances, these types of fires offer the perfect opportunity for heating on chilly nights in the summers.

There are many different kinds of fires available, from which you can choose. The kind that you end up getting depends highly on your requirements and also on the place where you want to use the these types of fires. These types of fires pits are designed in such a way that they can grant a lot of style and elegance to the place where you use them.

Whether you are having a get together and want gas fire on a chilly summer night or you are having a night in on your own, these types of fires can serve all the purposes and warm a living space without any kind of smoke. Gas fire pits are available for patios, decks as well as living rooms, and they are available in different colours as well as designs, so that they can blend well with the surroundings and enhance the style and elegance.

Over other sources of heat, these types of fires are much preferred because of many reasons. There is use of natural gas as fuel, which is much cleaner than wood and hence, prevents smoke and is also relatively healthy. If you enjoy sitting outdoors in the evening or at night in the summer season, then a gas fire pit is what you need.

Other than the fact that gas fires are much cleaner than wood, there is also the fact that gas fires a lot more convenient. Starting the fire with gas fires is a lot easier. The heating up process also takes a short time and the space gets warm within no time.

With these types of fires, you can now enjoy chilly summer nights with friends and family outdoors as well as indoors, and you do not have to worry about coughing because of the smoke or having your eyes watered with the smoke. The heat of the gas fire is just enough to be perfect when it comes to the heating.

These types of fires are gaining a lot of popularity because of the convenience they have to offer and also because of the fact that the fire is cleaner and the environment remains healthier. Other than that, there is also the fact that gas fire pits are available in different shapes, designs and colours, which allow you to get the pit so that it would go with the decor of your home.

If you are considering buying these types of fires pit, you should do your research before you make the purchase. This is important because there are many different kinds and hence also various features as well as prices. It is important that you know what features you want and what you are getting with your deal.…

The ICE0250 Atop the CD40030 and CD40130 From Ice-O-Matic: A Great Fit in Small to Mid-Sized Hotels

The ICE0250 Atop the CD40030 and CD40130 From Ice-O-Matic: A Great Fit in Small to Mid-Sized Hotels

If you’ve ever been faced with the necessity of purchasing a new piece of equipment for your business, before anything else you must consider, “Where am I going to put this?” It can be difficult allocating space for larger pieces of machinery. Thankfully, Ice-O-Matic offers an ice machine and dispenser combination that will also fit in almost any area with spatial limitations. Wherever ice dispensing is required, Ice-O-Matic has a maker and dispenser combination to perfectly suit your business.

The ICE0250 ice maker combined with a CD40030 or 40130 ice dispenser measure a combined 73 inches tall, just over six feet. This machine is not as tall as other ice machines from Ice-O-Matic, and with a free optional top air discharge feature, there is no minimal space requirement on the side of the machine. This way, it can be placed in close proximity to vending or soda machines as well, creating a one-stop shop for guests.

The ICE0250 and CD40030 or CD40130 are ideal for the small to midsize hotel or motel. The ice machine produces around 360 pounds of ice per day while the bin in the dispensers can store up to 180 pounds. Generally, a hotel or motel requires around five pounds of ice per occupied room, per day. With these calculations, this machine would produce enough ice to be able to accommodate 60 to 80 rooms comfortably.

The CD40030 offers a standard ‘push to dispense’ lever for simplified distribution. This method of ice distribution also works to cut down the risk of cross contamination as germs can spread easily when many people congregate in one area. Along with dispensing ice, the CD40130 includes a water dispenser to consolidate combine two of your guests’ most important amenities in one convenient machine, eliminating the need for an additional drinking fountain or water cooler. Four inch foam insulated walls provide insulation for the CD40030 and CD40130 allowing ice to last longer, with less risk of melting.

Standard with all Ice-O-Matic icemakers is their phenomenal warranty. Ice-O-Matic provides the longest warranty in the ice machine industry offering three years coverage on parts and labor for all components, and five years parts on the evaporator and compressor. By purchasing an Ice-O-Matic water filter and replacing it every six months, the evaporator’s coverage will be extended to seven years. A water filter also greatly increases the quality and consistency of the ice produced, leaving it flavorless so it will not taint the flaovr and quality of beverages.

The Ice-O-Matic ICE0250 icemaker, sitting atop the CD40030 or CD40130 dispenser, will provide ice and water to all guests in your small motel or hotel. Visit for additional information regarding these and many other space saving ice machines from Ice-O-Matic. We provide an assortment of products, along with information and guidance regarding all types of ice machines. With proper research, you’ll be sure to find the perfect icemaker and dispenser combination like the pair listed above, even with limited space.…

Creative Ideas and Tips for Interior Decoration

Creative Ideas and Tips for Interior Decoration

Interior decoration is a great project for the householders. It is significant a home should provide warmth and rest to the occupants and it should add a good feeling on the visitors and guests. Since the usage of the most incredible thoughts and points, it is suggested to trust on pro interior designers. If employing experts is an expensive matter, it is suggested to at least get reference from them.

There are a lot of conditions and factors that must be considered into account when beautifying the interior of homes. Think of the reality that these thoughts and points are not limited to living rooms or any separate particular region of the house. Here are a few tips that the homeowners may work at along with their interior decorators.

Choosing Theme and Trends

There are no boundaries to the interior design ideas that could be abided by. Yet, it is crucial to keep pace with the styles which keep on shifting on a regular basis. Only skilled and experienced interior decorators may assist you select the proper type of subject. While advanced, contemporary and aesthetic subjects are rather popular, the conventional, rustic and vintage topics are every bit cheering for a lot of people.

Color and Lighting Strategies

The succeeding large challenge is to pick out on the color strategies that will be utilized in the pattern of wall and ceiling paints and as well for the color of doorways and windowpanes. The same will as well assist in choosing the draperies and additional add-ons. Get reference from the experts in selecting different color strategies for different regions of the home.

A different crucial organization should be made in selecting the perfect illuminating schemes for diverse parts of the homes. It is worthy bringing up that you have to be detailed in setting up these details, as they may carry off the worth of decorating exertions if not picked out cautiously. Get assistance from experts like interior decorators or home betterment contractors.

Piece of Furniture and Furnishings

A crucial role is acted by the furniture items in getting an attractively beautified home. Primary care must be paid to pick out the correct sort of patterns of couch sets, sofas, tables, beds, closets and added items. Additionally, the items like carpets, rugs, cushions, sheets and pillows must provide the correct fit to the environment and eminent comfort to the users. The skilled interior decorators examine the primary layout and color scheme of homes to pick out details that match the space and sum up to the worth of interior designing.

Purchasing Home Decors

Home decors in a number of classes fill out the vision of interior decoration. Murals and hangings are one of the most common of these interior decorations. Vases, pots, photograph frames, crystal pieces and lot types of showpiece items could be bought in this way.…

A Small Living Room Can Be Decorated Just As Effectively

A Small Living Room Can Be Decorated Just As Effectively

Decorating the interior of a small living room requires you to consider the space available so that the room when completed looks airy, bright and cheerful. In modern day homes, the high cost of real estate has led to rooms in apartments being smaller and this in turn restricts the sort of designs that you can execute for the living room.

So whether your interior design is modern or contemporary you need to keep in mind the area available and come up with an interior design that makes the best use of materials and colors and allows the final effect to be still be one of space and lightness.

Treatments to windows should not be bulky and use huge pelmets, jambs or sills that take up space. Heavy furnishings for a window in a living room that has restricted space could have the effect of making the room look smaller. Using blinds with the thinnest possible slats would help to give a feeling of space.

Furniture in small living rooms should be minimal and multifunctional. Floor space occupied by the furniture needs to be restricted so that the living room area looks as if it has enough circulation area. This can be done easily by seeing that the supports for the furniture occupy very little space on the ground. Open spaces below furniture can actually help to create the feeling of openness and space which is so important for small rooms.

Interior design of a living room would naturally include the colors on the walls. A small room would take more kindly to a single color or slight changes in the shades of individual walls. Having a number of colors can make a room actually look smaller, especially if some of the colors are of the darker hues.

A smaller living room calls for a lot of attention to be paid to the lighting. The limited light available that comes in from the windows can be accentuated with strategically placed mirrors or other reflecting surfaces. Use of a semi-gloss paint opposite the window can also help to increase the natural light in the room. When you decide on the lighting fixtures make sure that you do not use very elaborate shades, as these could further cause your room to look crowded.

Smaller spaces have as much potential as larger ones, when it comes to ideas for decorating. Even when placing decorative pieces around the house, limit them to just one or two on a table or shelf. Placing too many items on surfaces could make the room appear crowded. Decorating a small living room need not be too daunting a task if you consider all these aspects.…

Face Off – Water Cooler Vs Water Crock

Face Off – Water Cooler Vs Water Crock

Here is a fact for you: One of the leading causes of death in the world is due to a lack of clean drinking water. Every year, three out of every five children die because of drinking contaminated and impure water. Because of urbanization and growing pollution, health hazards are becoming more prevalent.

This fact does not mean to scare you or make you feel anxious about the water that you drink. In the past, the way for us to drink fresh is to boil them or add chlorine to the water, but it is rare that we are able to capture the “no-taste” taste of fresh clean water. Fortunately, there are several different options for homes and offices to avail of fresh and cold water for us to drink! For the corporate professionals, there is a huge likelihood that you have a water cooler in your office. What is gaining steady popularity now is the availability of ceramic water crocks. Why would one choose a water crock over a water cooler? Feel free to make a choice from the following features of both dispensers:

Water Crocks:

1. Water crocks are made of 100%, all natural material. No harmful chemicals can potentially affect the taste of the water you drink.

2. The water remains cold. You can leave it there for a couple of hours and the water remains cool.

3. The crock can hold large amounts of water. You can opt to choose various gallon sizes for your water dispenser.

4. No water contamination. Since you are using a ceramic container, there is no potential risk for any chemical substance to seep through.

5. No impact to electricity bill. You can have ten ceramic water dispensers and not impact your electricity bill by a single cent!

6. It’s easier to clean. The bottles are easier to carry, and so the crock is more convenient to clean.

7. You have more options. Choose from a wide array of colors and designs!

Water coolers:

1. Can have damaging chemicals that get in your water. The water cooler has the same substance used for refrigerators. This has the tendency to leak through the plastic.

2. The water remains cold. This is one feature that is shared by both dispensers.

3. The water you put in is limited. There are specific sizes depending on the type of cooler that you purchase.

4. The plastic material will damage the environment. Throwing it away does not completely get rid of the plastic bottles; it continues to rapidly fill our landfills.

5. It’s plugged in 24 hours a day. A 24/7 electronic device, no matter how small, will impact your electricity costs.

6. A little more challenging to clean. Replacing the water bottle and cleaning it is a bit more difficult than the water crock.

7. Options are black, white or stainless steel. No other options to personalize or customize it unlike the water crock.

Our generation today is slowly starting to become financially and environmentally sensitive. Based on the features above, it is quite obvious that the ceramic water dispenser would be the most cost efficient and earth friendlier choice. Choose the one that’s best for you!…

Decorating Your Home With Floor and Wall Tiles

Decorating Your Home With Floor and Wall Tiles

This article discusses decorating your home using ceramic tiles. Imagine, metaphorically speaking, a tabula rasa. A blank slate, a pure white, completely prepared room ready for you to decorate.

Lets take the kitchen and bathroom as examples as these are the rooms you would predominantly lay floor and wall tiles. You have an idea of what paint you will use to compliment your tiles so all you need now is the practical aspect to achieve an idealic space.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles have been prevalent for many years and were often styled in wealthy houses as fashion statements and as testimonials to the upper class. Proving to be talking points, a well known magazine would publish images of the best designed kitchens and bathrooms for readers to swoon over.

Available at a cost to suit any budget, tiles appear in everyone’s home today, either in the kitchen, bathroom or both. In larger houses there may be tiled entrances, which add to the overall grandness of the abode.

Determining the right tiles for your make over will depend on the look you wish to accomplish. You may wish to go back in time and have your room reflect a Victorian or even Edwardian style kitchen or bathroom. Or, you may prefer to try something lavish and modern using the latest shapes and colours creating something atypical.

Tiles can be purchased in many shapes, sizes, colours and designs from natural stone tiles to marble, slate, terracotta, porcelanosa, travertine and ceramic. Depending on your taste will depend on the feel and look of the tile. It can be smooth and shiny, matt, or grainy and bumpy. The choice is all down to the individual and can reflect your personality or simply envelop the tactility of the room.

If smooth or bumpy, modern or traditional is not for you then consider a mosaic effect. Available as small squares you can fit together or larger rectangles and squares with mosaic characteristics you can configure an arrangement to best suit your taste.

Laying floor and wall tiles takes a mixture of knowledge, patience and endurance. If you are keen to accomplish the work yourself then using the correct utensils and having the right guidance will see the end result as the magnificent idea you first had when the room was merely a blank slate – the metaphorical tabula rasa. Perhaps DIY is not for you, in which case there are many decorators for which laying tile is their niche. Always research companies thoroughly before settling.

Floor tiles look delightful and if in a bathroom can be warmed through by underfloor heating. If this is too expensive an option then a fluffy bath mat will always do the trick. Floor tiles are easily swept and mopped in a short space of time and last an age. Wall tiles are also easily maintained and require a wipe over with a damp cloth once each week. Whichever tiles you choose you can design your blank canvas to suit your style, ideals and personality.…

What Makes For the Best Countertop Water Dispenser? Find Out Here

What Makes For the Best Countertop Water Dispenser? Find Out Here

If you are looking for the best countertop water dispenser, you have come to the right place. With so many options to choose from, you need to know exactly what to look for in order to make the correct choice.

Here’s the most important thing first.

Just a simple dispenser is never going to be enough. According to a recent study, more than 2,100 cancer causing chemicals can be found in tap water at any point of time. This is a very serious threat to your health that you should be aware of and taking steps to avoid it.

And what’s more, bottled water cannot protect you from these chemicals. As there are no regulations in place that mandate purification levels needed in bottled water, it is actually the same as tap water in most cases. So you just pay more for the same dirty, contaminated water and are at risk for the same health problems.

In short, you don’t just need the best countertop water dispenser, you need a fully functional water purifier that can sit on your counter and give you pure, safe water devoid of any contaminants.

The first thing to look for in a purifier is its ability to cleanse the water. Can it handle all the different types of impurities like dirt, chemicals, heavy metals and bacteria?

Most common purifier types like RO systems, Distillers and UV filters cannot. They may be good for removing any one or two specific contaminants, but cannot get rid of the whole gamut of impurities.

For that you need an advanced purifier that works on multiple technologies like Ion Exchange for removing the heavy metals in water and restoring its ph balance, Sub Micron filtration for removing all kinds of chemicals and Carbon filtration for handling dirt and bigger contaminants.

The next thing to look for is the size and portability of the filter. Let’s face it, no matter how spacious your kitchen is, you don’t want a big, clunky purifier eating up space and spoiling its looks. A small filter that can easily be attached to the faucet can work well enough and won’t be conspicuous too.

Finally, the cost is also an important factor you should look at. You can easily find purifiers ranging from hundred dollars to even a thousand dollars. However, a quality multi stage purifier like the ones we discussed above can be found for just $100 -$200 dollars. A higher price range is only justified if it’s a whole house water purifier that can deliver purified water to all the taps in your house.

So there you have it. Look beyond the best countertop water dispenser and find out a quality purifier now.…

Importance of Car Washers and Car Care Tips

Importance of Car Washers and Car Care Tips

These days most of the people own cars as it is no longer considered as a luxury. Today there are different types of automobiles available quite easily. Regardless of the type of automobile, it is important to care for it so that it lasts for a long period of time. It is necessary to maintain its reliability and efficiency so that it performs well. A routine maintenance program should be followed to extend the life of vehicles.

Important Car Maintenance Tips:

Some of the most important ways to care for your automobile includes the following.

Wash: Similar to all equipments, it is necessary to clean and wash automobiles effectively. There are different types of car washer available today. These are easy to install and operate. Different models of these washers can be availed easily from online stores at affordable price rates.

Oil Change: Another important tip to consider is oil change. It is important to change the oil every three to six months to ensure the efficiency of the engine.

Tune Up: It is also pertinent to check the air filter, spark filter, emission control filters and fuel filters regularly so that the engines produce low level of emission. It is also necessary to check the engines so that it delivers balanced power.

Hoses and Belts: It is also important to check the hoses and belts to ensure there are no cracks and loose connections which are mainly caused due to excessive usage.

Battery: Automobile care also includes the performance check of the automobile batteries. It is necessary to use batteries which are corrosion free and clean so as to ensure optimum performance.

HVAC System: It is also necessary to check the heating, ventilating and air conditioning system of the vehicles so that it heats and cools appropriately.

Waxing: Automobiles need to be waxed twice in a year so that it appears chic and well maintained.

Tire Maintenance: With regular usage, the tires of the vehicles wear out so it is important to rotate them. Wheels need to be aligned to obtain maximum performance.

Various Types of Car Washers:

Many of the online stores showcase a variety of car washers which include different features. Some of the most important features include the following.

Effective Cleaning: These washers can be used to clean vehicles thoroughly with its twin piston pumps.

Less Water Usage: Compared to the other cleaning devices, it utilizes less amount of water for cleaning purposes.

Fan Spray: Most of these devices use fan sprays jets to clean automobiles and its parts. As it includes a large amount of pressure, it provides effective cleaning solutions.

Less Time: In comparison to the other types of cleaning devices, it requires less amount of time to clean the surfaces of vehicles.

Long Service Life: Most of these equipments last for a long period of time compared to the other types of cleaning devices available online.

Car washers can be bought on the basis of various specifications which include type of drive, LPM, working pressure, RPM, delivery per gun and motor power.…

Why Should You Start Your Own Spring Cleaning Service For Extra Income?

Why Should You Start Your Own Spring Cleaning Service For Extra Income?

Springtime has finally come back around, which means it’s time to begin spring cleaning. When it comes to spring cleaning, the majority of people like to follow a tradition where the brain says that you should be cleaning, while your body would much rather be watching TV.

Manual labor in all its forms, especially those involving organization, has always been something that most would like to avoid as much as possible.

Because of this getting a job as a springer cleaner offers you a great chance to make money doing the work that others do not wish to.

Initially gaining cleaning jobs might be difficult, because as a cleaner you must have a level of trust with the homeowners in order for them to allow you inside their homes.

You should initially start out by offering your services to friends and family members. If you provide satisfactory work for these individuals, they will be more than happy to refer you to their friends, who will in time refer you to more and more people and thus your business will grow.

Once you have compiled a considerable amount of references, your business will truly start to pick up. Trust will have been formed, and new clients will be less wary of you and more open to the idea of you cleaning their homes.

Once this happens you will quickly find that you have far more work than you can handle at any given time, and you may wish to hire extra help to better accommodate your workload. While some individuals may not want to do this for fear of losing income, the sheer amount of clients you have would mean that if you were to try doing all of the cleaning jobs yourself, you would in fact lose more money than you could ever gain.

There are a few ways you can go about looking for employees for your spring cleaning business. You could ask friends and family to help you, or to refer you to other friends or family members looking for part-time jobs.

You could also go to your local colleges, as college students are always on the lookout for ways to make extra income. You could create fliers and place them around town, or place advertisements in your local newspaper or internet job boards.

As a general rule most small scale spring cleaning services only need between two and three extra cleaning employees. This should help you even out the workload and you’ll find that your revenue will increase dramatically.

Your clients will be happy with the work you provide and during the spring season you’ll gain a sizable amount of money. Although your business was started specifically for spring cleaning services, that doesn’t mean you can’t offer cleaning services year round.

As a business, spring cleaning is very versatile. You could easily create a cleaning service business that expands into surrounding neighborhoods, or you can easily make it a form of part-time income for yourself.

Regardless of which option you choose, offering cleaning services, specifically those catering to spring cleaning, will continue to provide you with a sustainable income stream, for as long as you choose to provide quality cleaning services.…

Heating in Winter – Basic Preventative Maintenance to Ensure the Furnace or Heat Pump Is Working

Heating in Winter – Basic Preventative Maintenance to Ensure the Furnace or Heat Pump Is Working

When it comes to heating or cooling a residence the majority of the home owners just know that pushing a button or sliding a switch will “magically” bring the heating system to life. The fact of the matter is that most everyone has very little knowledge pertaining to a home’s HVAC system and how it works. The extent of the average individual’s experience will cover air filter changes and basic programming of the thermostat. When the heat or air conditioning stops working properly a service call needs to be made.

There are a couple of basic steps; however, a home owner can take to help maintain the HVAC system. Air filter changes scheduled at regular monthly intervals is the first and foremost task a home owner should perform. Many heating and cooling systems may have more than one air filter. One air filter will almost always be located at the air return vent. The purpose of this filter is to reduce the wear and tear on the equipment as the air is warmed or cooled by the HVAC equipment, although any filter will help to improve the air quality.

With heat pumps there is likely a slot in the air handler itself which houses an additional air filter, usually behind a small panel which is screwed to the main body. Unfortunately there is what seems like an infinite size of air filters on the market so it is important to record what size is necessary for each individual system. A good place to write down the air filter sizes is on the inside of the thermostat cover, if present, or a note attached to the refrigerator.

Electrostatic air filters are an improvement over the traditional air filter. The great benefit to using an electrostatic air filter is that it will further reduce irritants and contaminants from the air; an important feature for allergy sufferers. While these types of filters can easily be found at most home improvement centers, they are noticeably more expensive. Fortunately these filters are re-usable after easily being washed and dried before re-inserting them. Most filters regardless of the type will have small arrows indicating the airflow direction through the filter.

The other steps a home owner can take are to ensure that none of HVAC equipment is being obstructed. Whether the heating system is composed of a furnace, heat pump or other, air flow needs to be maintained. For those homes with additional equipment located on the exterior of the home this means that bushes and shrubs need to be kept clear. A routine cursory inspection of the equipment should be made. Although many home owners will not recognize what they are looking at, listening is often more important. An abnormal sound can be a good indicator that the HVAC system should have an inspection performed by an experienced and qualified service technician. Preventative maintenance will be much more inexpensive in the long-term rather than waiting for major damage or failures to occur.…

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