4 Ways to Cool Down a Hot Room Without Using AC

If you are currently looking for ways to cool a hot room, this article can help you. Currently, several regions in Indonesia are experiencing hot temperatures. In order to still feel comfortable in your room, you can turn on the air conditioner or air conditioner. But if you don’t have air conditioning or your air conditioner is out of order, these few ways to cool a hot room can help you.


How to cool a hot room

Use Ice and a fan

Before there was air conditioning, people used this trick to cool rooms. They put the ice in a large bowl then place it in a location where a fan can blow it. This trick can create a cool and cool breeze in your room.

Close the curtains during the day

Do not leave your bedroom exposed to the scorching sun during the day. To avoid this, close the curtains in your room so that the sun does not enter and makes the temperature hotter in the room. Some people even use rolled up towels and place them at the bottom of the door to prevent heat from entering through the door.

Use cold sheets

If your mattress uses hot sheets, you will certainly feel uncomfortable when you have to rest on it. As a solution, you can use cold sheets such as cotton. Sheets made of cotton have easy care and are durable. One of the high quality cotton sheets is the Egyptian cotton.

In addition to using cotton, you can also use sheets made of bamboo to cope with the hot weather. Bamboo has natural anti-microbial properties that will feel soft on the skin. In addition, bamboo sheets are also known to be breathable so that heat will not be trapped in the sheets.

Use a ceiling fan to cool down

A hanging fan can keep the room temperature cool. The fan will keep the air moving so it can cool the temperature of your room. In hot weather, you should make sure that the fan rotates counterclockwise. This will create cool air that flows down or toward the floor.…

Tips for Arranging a Narrow Living Room

The living room is a room in the house that serves to receive every guest who comes. Therefore the living room must look beautiful and comfortable, because in the living room, every guest can judge every side of your home.

Living Room

However, every house certainly has a different living room size, some even have a small living room. Then how do you organize the living room to make it look wider?

Actually there are some tips or ways you can do to make the appearance of your small living room look spacious. Here’s how:

Living room without partition

Make a living room without a partition. If the living room and family room are combined, it will make the living room look wider, while in a house that has too many permanent partitions, it will make your house look narrower.

Make sure all the furniture is close to the living room wall

In arranging furniture, you must also pay attention to how to arrange it in a small living room size. To make it look spacious, the right furniture is to position the furniture so that it can continue to stick to the wall in an I shape. That way, the empty space in the living room will be wider.

In addition, the arrangement and selection of furniture must also be adjusted to the size of the room. Therefore, choose small furniture if your living room has a small size too.

Add mirror decorations

Mirror decoration added to the walls of the room will fit perfectly with a small room. The trick is to install a decoration in the form of a large mirror on the wall of the living room so that the small living room will have double the area. The position of the mirror should be opposite to the position of the sofa in the living room.

Window and door design

To arrange the living room to make it look more spacious, you can design windows and doors in such a way. Make a wide window design with clear glass, because a wide window model will help you get rid of the narrow and stuffy impression in the room. The door design must also be designed in such a way, choose a high-sized door with a double or two-door model so that the room feels wider. In order for air circulation to run properly, you should make ventilation with a size large enough both above the door and above the window.


Choose colors and wallpaper motifs with bright colors, while the motifs that are highly recommended for narrow rooms are wallpapers with line motifs, both vertically and horizontally.

That’s how to arrange a narrow living room to make it look wider. Hopefully this information can be useful for you.…

Tips for Designing a Boy’s Bedroom

For every couple, designing every room in the house seems easy except for the design of the rooms and beds . This will become more difficult if the family members continue to grow. If it’s possible that you have a daughter, surely you can get a lot of inspiration from magazines or the internet to make a child’s bedroom more interesting .

However, for some parents, designing a boy’s bedroom is more challenging because they have to think about every detail that should be in a boy’s room. The following are some useful tips that you can use when designing the interior of a boy’s bedroom .

Include planning with enough space for your boy’s bedroom

Before you think about what furniture and decorations will be displayed in your child’s room, it would be better to think about the available space in the room you want to decorate. Make sure that your child’s room has enough space because boys are usually very active in their movements.

In addition, with a large enough room, you can create a simple playroom so that the children feel at home in the room for a long time. They can play lego, play a train set, or even play a puzzle.

When they grow up, later they can invite friends to play in their room and do fun things like playing music together. Make your boy’s room as comfortable as possible by including soothing neutral colors.

Consider the things your child likes

The first thing when designing a room for a boy is to ask him what he likes. If your little boy likes to draw his favorite cartoons, you can decorate the walls with his favorite cartoons such as superhero cartoons, or even a forest scene if you don’t have a favorite figure to choose from.

But keep in mind, as the child grows and develops, of course the things they like will continue to change, so choose a design that is not too childish so that when they grow up, you don’t need to change the room decoration as a whole.

Not only wall decorations, you can choose bed covers with certain themes that match the overall decor, starting from the walls and floors.

Make your child’s room as simple as possible

You might choose a neutral color, especially if the room used is a shared room. Neutral colors such as beige and white can be used together with other brighter colors as special accents to beautify the walls of a child’s room. Avoid using colors that are too flashy because it will make your child’s room too full and excessive.

In addition to beige and white, you can choose blue which can also be combined with other colors. In addition, the blue color can provide a calming effect for your boy. To give the room a fresh feel, combine green, white and blue colors. If you’re not too comfortable with wall paint colors,

You can replace it with a vertical wallpaper with blue and white colors that can give a simple but still attractive appearance.

Provide sufficient storage space

Storage space is needed for boys in his room so that all the belongings can be neatly arranged. Since boys don’t usually care much about styling, it would be best if you put a label on each storage drawer to speed up the styling process when your little boy is in a rush to go out.

Also prepare a large box that can store small toys such as lego or cars, which of course are not small in number. As for the room for boys who are starting to grow up, prepare a separate storage area that is usually used to store their favorite CD band cassettes or sensitive gadgets.

Creating the Perfect Small Kitchen

Creating the Perfect Small Kitchen

When it comes to a small kitchen then performance is key. Using some serious planning, clever fittings and a design that suits your way of life and how you cook – rustic, modern or a mixture – your new kitchen can be incredibly useful and attractive. In addition, your small kitchen will not need many units, so you can spend more on high quality finishes to make it look even better.

For even greater utility, look out for scaled down, smaller versions of full-size appliances. These will provide you with the same level of performance and save you space for more storage. Slimline dishwashers are a prime example of the kind of appliances you’ll want to have in your kitchen interior design.

Adding Space To Your Space

Before you get started looking at breathtaking designs in brochures and showrooms, take a look at the kitchen you have now and decide what you can change immediately. Consider things like ditching or moving bulky items to another room, replacing your washing machine and tumble dryer with a washer dryer, moving the sink to a better position. Would it be possible to expand your kitchen into a different room or build an extension to increase your available space? Even think about freeing up space by binning everything you simply never use – old blenders and other kitchen appliances are commonly found tucked at the back of a cupboard!

Create A Layout Based On How You Work

Now you’re ready to start planning your kitchen interior design, grab a piece paper (check out the back of Ikea’s kitchen brochure for the ideal one!) and mark windows, doors, power points and pipes so you can plan out your units. You’ll need work surfaces for food preparation, a unit for your sink, space for your hob, oven, microwave and fridge (freezer) – and bear in mind you’re likely to have your kettle, bread bin and some utensils on your worktops so plan spare space for those too.

Keep the oven and sink 40cm from the corners, and away from doorways. If you’re including tall units, put them at the end of a run, again to maximise worktop space. A corner sink looks good and frees up worktop space elsewhere. It’s easy to mark out units on a plan, but always bear in mind that the people using the room are just as important – the cook not only takes up quite a bit of space but also needs room to manoeuvre and to open doors and drawers.

A Good Look For Your Kitchen

Keep your unit fronts the same – same design AND same type. A row of all-doors or all-drawers will look best in the small kitchen, while unit widths should be of a standard size and where this isn’t possible, the other size should be at the end of a row – this looks far better than a mix.

You can’t do without wall units in a small kitchen, they are a must for storage, but that doesn’t mean they have to be on every wall. Pick one or two walls at the most and, if you can, consider using shelving instead as this can be even more attractive and certainly less obtrusive. As far as the doors on your units go, carousels and doors that lift up rather than out will take up less space and look better to boot.

Getting It Done

You’re now ready to head out and get your kitchen interior design properly planned and implemented. Unless you fancy tackling the job yourself, use a reputable kitchen designer and fitter as this is one room you won’t get a second chance with!…

Preparing For Fridge Repair Work That Your Refrigerator Might Need

Preparing For Fridge Repair Work That Your Refrigerator Might Need

There will come a time when your refrigerator will need to be fixed and undergo repairs. Some refrigerators last for many years and will need the proper attention and maintenance to make it last longer. Before requiring the services of a repairman, try to see first if you can address the damage on your own. Even if you are not an expert at refrigerator repair, you can at least verify what the problem is before calling for help.

If the problem appears to be water seeping out of it, assess the water dispenser and look into any leaks or drips coming from it, if you have one. The reason might be the connection that brings the water to the dispenser where there is leakage or outflow allowing the water to drip to the floor instead of flowing smoothly to the water dispenser. This also happens when the freezer drain is blocked and you will detect water trickling from the top interior of the unit. Water seepage will also occur when the defrost tray, situated at the bottom part of the appliance, is broken and therefore needs to be fixed.

When the temperature is not that cold, this is also a warning sign that the refrigerator needs to be repaired as soon as possible since food will become spoiled when the temperature inside the fridge is not right. If possible, evaluate the thermostat and turn it to the proper temperature for cooling. If after hours of observation the refrigerator is not yet that cold, check out the fan and condenser coils. These need to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or just by brushing hard simply with cloth, soap and water. When the door does not close snugly, it needs a new door seal to minimize warm air from getting inside the refrigerator and interfere with the needed proper temperature.

Another detector of refrigerator repair is noise. When the refrigerator noise seems to be getting louder each day, the fan needs to be replaced. It is understandable when the fridge is utilized for many years now but if it is still new, something should be done to repair the sudden production of noise without any reason and it is best to call a repairman for this purpose.

No matter how many years your refrigerator has been in service, knowing the types of fridge repair is important for you to learn how to fix it or if necessary or call a repairman to do it. It is imperative to learn the damage ahead of time to establish if it needs to be fixed, the time for fixing and the budget for the repair.…

How To Create The Perfect Living Room

How To Create The Perfect Living Room

Your living room is, alongside the kitchen, likely to be the heart of your home and one of the most used rooms in your house. It will be used for relaxation (reading, watching TV or just hanging out with your loved ones), entertaining guests, even working on occasion. It is, therefore, important that it is decorated in such a way that reflects your personality, makes you feel at home and relaxes you – and your guests!

There are several simple ways to give your living room a makeover without sacrificing the functionality of the room.

Start by taking a good look at your living room as it is now. Make a note of what you use regularly, occasionally and what you haven’t touched in a long time. Anything you never use or look at, get rid of now. They are serving no purpose and taking up space.

Anything that you occasionally use should be stored away somewhere, again freeing up space in your living room. And anything you use on a regular basis can be left where it is for now.

Now make a list of the things you do regularly in your living room. Do you watch TV, read, entertain guests, eat your meals – all of these? Based on this, arrange the furniture so you have enough space and functionality to enjoy what you do most.

At the same time try to determine a focal point in your room, around which everything else will be organised. This could be the TV, a window, the fireplace or a piece of furniture such as a coffee table. It could even be a painting or mirror.

Your living room will benefit from having a focal point as the rest of the furniture will flow around it, making it a much more attractive and welcoming room.

Can’t find a focal point? Create one by painting one wall in an accent colour perhaps, or a get a mural done or hang a large painting.

Whatever it is that you feel works best, it is YOUR room.

If your living room is used more socially then you need to arrange it so as to encourage conversation and interaction. Avoid using a TV as the focal point in this case and make sure that seating is arranged so everyone can see everybody else and that it’s close enough for people to hear one another without raising their voices.

The best way to achieve this is to arrange the furniture in a horseshoe-shape around a coffee table.

Another table could sit between two seats but remember to leave walking space around.

Now consider little touches to make it a cosy, pleasant place to be. The use of well-placed lamps and other lighting – maybe even candles – will provide a good ambience, as will the inclusion of ornaments such as designer glass vases, bowls and candle holders – very good pieces from designers like Kosta Boda are worth spending money on.

As for the space outside the seating area, it can be used for watching TV, having a reading space or whatever else you use your living room for. Just remember to be creative and arrange the room the way you want it for the purposes you use it.…

Green Office – Living Green Decor for Your Private Workroom

Green Office – Living Green Decor for Your Private Workroom

The green office began to appear in a number of European countries towards the end of the 60’s, open workrooms that are no longer split up into small cubicles, where the staff have their own place in the same large area.

A well-designed office garden is therefore usually equipped with special, noise-reducing, thick floor covering, insulated ceilings, sometimes soft background music, and a large number of plant-troughs and tubs. In fact, it was this ‘sea of greenery’ that gave such locations their name.

The presence of plants during working hours proved to be a resounding success; other offices and factories soon took up this ‘horticultural habit’. And nowadays there are very few workrooms and offices that have neither the place nor the money for plants. The use of plants is also often taken into account when a company renovates or extends its building.

Not every plant is suitable for life in an office. Even before making a choice, hardly anyone bothers to ask the staff whether there is anybody with green fingers who would be willing to take on the daily job of caring for all the plants. And if a plant-loving volunteer does step forward, this is no guarantee that the office greenery will flourish indefinitely, since not everyone remains in the same job all his life and people retire sooner or later.

With a sensible basic selection, one can create a veritable ‘landscape’ of plants that make a working environment very much more agreeable. Under ideal circumstances the stock of plants is increased, with young plants propagated at home. Many companies are now using special cultivating methods, such as hydroponics, water retaining devices and moisture meters, which indicate, by color, how much water a plant still has available.

A private workroom or work corner is easier to decorate with plants than a strictly functional office. At home you only have the location, furnishing, and your own taste to consider. Choice sometimes falls on a less austere desk, often accompanied by a not so functional chair and the decorations are more personal. A private retreat at home such as this can be made even more welcoming with an attractive display of plants. Living greenery softens the business-like effect and makes working at home a pleasant occupation.

It is important to choose the right plants for the right surroundings. Sometimes, for the sake of peace and quiet, a workroom is isolated from the rest of the house, and plants in such location are unlikely to be tended every day. It is therefore best to select only undemanding, sturdy plants, such as the Yucca family. The nearer the workroom is to the rest of the house, the greater the choice of plants becomes. In this case, the occupants are not as likely to be distracted by someone walking in with a watering-can.

There are those who really appreciate it if the first bowl of flowering bulbs is given a place of honor on their desk, while others may consider this an intrusion of their ‘inner sanctuary’, then plants are best kept out of the way. But whatever plants you choose, make sure they receive careful attention. Nobody likes to find fallen leaves and spilled water among the papers on their desk.…

Budvases – To Enhance Your Interior Decoration

Budvases – To Enhance Your Interior Decoration

There are a trillion numbers of things that can be used for interior decorating. One of the oldest and the best one among the same is budvases. It started as just a vase designed to hold cot flowers and buds that are to bloom. but over the years budvases changed from being merely a vessel to hold cut flowers to a display product very much used in interior decorations.

Though the purpose is the same the design and shape vary even for budvases. Several many materials are used to make budvases. It ranges from porcelain ceramic, glass to plastic and even cut crystals. Whatever material it is made up of and whatever shape it is of a well set budvase with a good selection of flowers and leaves does enhance the style of the room where ever it is placed. Budvases are generally placed as a center piece of dining tables with pleasant flowers of mild aromatic flowers or even in alcoves which bring out the beauty of the place.

Selection of the apt budvase depends on ones creativity and the place where you plan on keeping it. But we must keep in mind the three S’s i.e. style, shape and size. The shape of the vases is usually cylindrical but it’s completely up to you how you want to play with the shape to make it look more colorful and different. Square vases being very versatile are an excellent choice for traditional arrangements. One of the best choices of shape for an all around center piece arrangement will be a bowl shaped vase. Size is also an important thing to be taken care of. Always make sure that the cut flowers are 1.5 times the size of the vase.

A budvase is like a picture frame. If made properly it can complement the flowers that it contains like a picture in a picture frame and thus making the arrangement even more attractive, stylish and classic.…

HVAC Suppliers – Have You Been Looking?

HVAC Suppliers – Have You Been Looking?

Have you been looking at Charlotte HVAC suppliers? Perhaps you are wondering how the seasons will affect your heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Cold Months

When you are dealing with the times of the year that is very cold I am sure that you can picture yourself enjoying evenings with your family gathered around you. You may be extremely cold and wishing that you could turn up your thermostat but really if you want to save money you should never put your thermostat above 72. In these harsh economic times, even raising your thermostat one degree can have a serious impact on family finances. When you have an efficient modern well maintained system, you won’t have to worry about huge heating costs anymore. If the family get a little chilly try wearing another jumper rather than immediately hitting the upwards button on the thermostat.

Hot Months

During the hot months I am sure that you have stripped down to as little clothing as modesty will allow. Working or living in hot sticky conditions is horrible and something you can avoid at relatively low costs if you speak to a Charlotte HVAC supplier. You won’t have to worry about not being able to turn that thermostat down low. Your cooling costs are likely to be lower and you will be much more comfortable when you have a decent system in place.


When it comes to Charlotte HVAC suppliers, they know the weather conditions you will be dealing with. You should never skimp on the equipment. Whenever you do get it installed however it is very important that you keep an eye on how you use it. Change the filters when advised and keep the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system well maintained. Always have an annual service and replace parts as and when necessary.…

Finding Substitute Components For Water Dispensers

Finding Substitute Components For Water Dispensers

Water dispensers are widely used in various environments such as home or office. There are some brands that you deserve to have because it has many advantages compared to other brands. One brand that is well known is the Sunbeam products that are now hard to find.

This is quite unfortunate because there are many buyers who are looking for and still want to use this product. This product is already rare, but if the water dispenser you have broken, you do not need to buy new because this product replacement parts are still easy to find. In this way, you can still use the water dispensers from sunbeam for a long time.

If you are bringing to the service shop, you may be offered the option to sell your old water cooler and buy a new unit. If you already do not want these products, you can sell it and buy a new one. However, for those who already fit with sunbeam products will be difficult for them to sell the product and the only option was to replace the problematic component.

Many online or local stores sell various replacement parts for your water dispensers. By visiting the online store will be easier because you can quickly find the information just by entering the name and type your water dispenser. Before buying replacement parts, make sure the components to be purchased is compatible with the product you have.

Take care of the cooling well, because with this you can avoid repairs. The handle is made of plastic that makes it very vulnerable to excessive pressure. If the cooling unit is broken, find someone who can help you fix it.…

Heat Pumps: Benefits of Getting One for Your Home

Heat Pumps: Benefits of Getting One for Your Home

Getting a heat pump for your home is probably one of the best investments you can make; most especially considering the extreme and fast-changing weather conditions due to global warming. So instead of spending separately on an air conditioning unit and a furnace, you can just buy a heat pump. This will then halve your expenses. It will function both as a heating and a cooling unit. So you can use it for both warm and cold weather.

But if you are not yet decided on purchasing one such equipment right now, here are some of the many benefits offered by these. Basically, they all boil down convenience, efficiency and economy.

For one, they are very economical. Since you will not be using a separate heating and cooling unit, you will half your supposed electricity consumption; thereby significantly reducing your electric bills.

Another benefit you can get from pumps is efficiency. You can program them according to your needs. For instance, you can set up which areas of you house you would want to cool or heat. Thus, those areas which you do not frequently visit will not be unnecessarily cooled or heated; thereby reducing the use of electricity. These equipment also function to normalize the humidity level in your home. So you can reduce that sticky feeling in the air. Thus, you will experience greater convenience.

It would also require less maintenance. You just have to make sure that you have it properly installed and you also use it appropriately. It can also last very long if you are able to get high-quality models and brands.

They are also good for the environment. Unlike furnaces, they do not emit carbon dioxide. It also conserves energy because it does not burn fuel. Instead, it gets warm or cool air from your immediate surroundings and just “pumps” it in your home.

These equipment also come in different models and brands. You have a wide array of choices to choose from. There are a number of models of heat pumps which will suit your preferences and heating and cooling needs. You may also find cheap models to suit your budget. However, cutting back on your budget does not necessarily mean that you will get substandard products. You just have to choose the right brand and model.

Here are other tips on how to maximize the benefits offered by this equipment.

First, you should only buy from credible companies. Read as much reviews as you can. And one of the trusted brands in heating and cooling systems is Trane. In fact, when you search the internet for reviews of heat pumps, you will find out that a Trane heat pump is actually considered as the most reliable as compared to its contemporaries.

Another factor to look at in choosing the right unit is the ratings. Look at the HSPF and SEER ratings. Then you can ask an HVAC contractor or your trusted appliance shop for guidance when it comes to these technicalities.…

Water Dispenser Benefits For Your Home and Office

Water Dispenser Benefits For Your Home and Office

Water is a crucial part of our lives, one which keeps out body hydrated and healthy at all times. Having a water dispenser around to keep the thirst at bay at all times has become quite important nowadays, and this is why.

But first of all, what is a water cooler, also called a dispenser? It is a device that cools and also dispenses the water to your glass any time you need it. You can find a cooler at home, in offices, airports, shopping malls and many other public places as well. It is nowadays one of the most useful device for keeping the thirst of people at bay.

There are two different types of dispensers available nowadays, starting with the wall mounted dispenser, which takes the liquid from the main supply, and the bottled water dispenser, which uses bottles that need to be constantly replaced when empty. Both of these have their own unique benefits that make them appealing to people.

Wall mounted water dispenser

The wall mounted dispenser takes the water directly from the main water supply, which means that it saves you money from having to buy bottles of water at all times. However it is not as easy to install as the other type. Also it cannot be installed everywhere, you need to have access to your building water system to be able to safely hook the dispenser to it.

Bottled water dispenser

This relies on changing the empty bottles and on constantly water delivery to your home or office. However it is much easier to install and it can be easily placed anywhere within the room at all times. All you need is unhook it from the power supply, move it wherever it needs to be placed, hook it to the wall plug and it’s ready to give you fresh drink again right away.…

Spring Cleaning Your Workspace

Spring Cleaning Your Workspace

Working from home has loads of positive benefits, but keeping your workspace up to scratch for actually working in can be a bit tricky. If you’re lucky (like me), you’ll have a room dedicated to your work, if not, it might be in a corner of the living room, or on the kitchen table.

Wherever you are though, during working hours that’s your office and it should be as comfortable and work-inducing as you can make it.

Problem Setting:- My work space has to help me be as productive as I can be, how do I achieve that?

Problem Solving:-

Focus on what your work space is for – obviously if you don’t have a dedicated office space, you need to focus on making the space where you do spend your working hours as work-like as possible during those hours – and what you need on hand to be able to do your job.

Keep the things you use most often closest to hand, anything else can be stored away in a box, shelf or cupboard and just be brought out when needed. Keep everything neat and tidy and leave it tidy at the end of the work day.

Buy nice (not necessarily expensive, but stuff you enjoy) stationery and storage for your work stuff. Having equipment you enjoy, that looks good and works well can really make a difference to your productivity!

Get the best chair you can afford! If you’re going to be working at a desk or table for long periods of time you need a comfortable and supportive chair. Nothing stunts productivity like a numb bum and sore back.

Make it work-like – don’t have too many distractions in front of you – if you can keep the task you’re working on as your only or main focus, you’re more likely to finish it.

At the end of your working day make sure you can close your office door or pack away your work space so that you can maintain a life/work split in your day, you want to be able to get away from the office even if it’s only 10 steps from your bed to your desk!

I hope this short article has given you some ideas for spring cleaning your work space and making it a more productive place to be, the more work-like the space, the more work you’re going to get done in it. What are the things that make your space a good place to work?…

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