Why Using a Home Water Dispenser Can Be Big Mistake

Why Using a Home Water Dispenser Can Be Big Mistake

This might come as a surprise to you, but the fact is that using a home water dispenser may prove to be detrimental to your family’s health. Let’s find out why.

You would be aware of the huge number of pollutants present in our water supply. There are many different types of chemicals, dirt, organic matter and heavy metals present in the water we get in our taps. Drinking this water is a sure way of getting all kinds of deadly diseases.

Now you may think using bottled water along with a home water dispenser should help avoid this problem. This is simply not true.

Fact is – there are no regulations in place that mandate bottled water to be purified. This means it can be, and actually is, as polluted as tap water. You are just paying more for the same quality water!

That’s why the need of the hour is to look for a quality water purifier that you can setup once in your home and be assured of getting pure drinking water, free from all contaminants.

You may also find a home water dispenser with limited purifying capabilities, but it’s not enough to handle all the contaminants present in tap water. This is a specialized job that only a quality purifier can do.

Reverse Osmosis purifiers have recently become quite popular when it comes to water filters. They work by forcing the water to pass through a semi permeable membrane with small pores. Water molecules pass through them easily, and the impurities with bigger molecules are left behind.

As you can guess, this mechanism is ineffective against impurities with small molecules, like that of chlorine. Even many pesticide traces and pharmaceutical drugs have small molecules and pass though unchecked through this membrane. So the water you get still contains many dangerous chemicals inside and is not fit for drinking. These purifiers also remove the beneficial minerals like calcium and potassium from the water which can then lead to their deficiency and associated health problems later.

A much better option is to look for a purifier with a combination of cutting edge filtration techniques like Ion Exchange, Sub Micron filtration and Carbon filtration. Together these techniques can remove all kinds of contaminants from the water, and make it really safe and healthy. The mineral content inside is also left untouched and there are no side effects of drinking this water.

So, look beyond a home water dispenser and find out a quality water purifier now.