Guide to Small Living Room Spaces

Guide to Small Living Room Spaces

Small living room spaces may have you feeling discouraged. It might make you feel claustrophobic or you may even be considering a new home or apartment for more storage space. While this might be the dream it might not always be practical. A small space may just be the reality of where you can live with your current budget. There are ways to make your existing room function in the way that you need it to without spending a lot of money. Just follow a few of these solutions for small living room spaces to get the appearance and function of a much larger room.

Every item in a small living room space should be functional. This may mean that a vase holds pencils or ottomans serve as toy chests. As such, the items in your room also need to be stylish. Don’t have a lot of decorative accessories to avoid clutter. Your furniture needs to function as sculpture so that your room still looks put together and finished.

It will also help to have a cohesive color palette. This will create more of the soothing and calming effect which will help combat the usual chaos that results from dealing with a really small space. For this kind of situation, you might want to have a monochromatic color palette. This means using one color or different shades of the same color. This will give a calming appearance and can even make your room feel bigger. You also don’t want to chop up the room if it’s open into other rooms in your apartment. Using the same color in the adjoining rooms will make it seem more like a great room.

Combine the functions of the room. If you live in a studio apartment you might be tempted to break up the living area from your sleeping area. This isn’t always the best use of space. Instead, find a futon that can double as a couch and a bed. You can even find a day bed that looks a couch. You might need to have your crafts in with your entertainment center. An armoire can serve a multitude of purposes. This can also be overstuffed; feeling cluttered and disorganized. Make sure that each space within your small space is organized and has a specific purpose so that all of your different functions don’t get strung together.

Small living room spaces require sacrifice. This might mean going with scaled-down furniture or just getting rid of the daring color palette. This should ensure that although you give up some of the items that you want the overall result is something that you can live with.