Friendly Elderly Interior Design Tips

The inspiration for an interior design can come from anywhere. You can get inspiration from the environment, the function of the house, up to its inhabitants. If the residents are special elderly, interior design should prioritize safety and safety.

Caring for elderly parents is our responsibility as a child. And just like when parents take care of us, we also must pay attention to some things. Not only health but also their safety and security at home.

Parents despite healthy conditions but physical abilities will decrease. For example, reduced vision ability, difficulty walking, porous bone, and so forth. This makes them vulnerable to accidents, such as slip, lumbago, and so on.

To provide convenience and convenience to them, here are some tips you can do.

Reduce High-Risk Furniture

Reduce the use of high-risk furniture as it has a hard and sharp surface. This is useful for reducing the risk of a dangerous collision in the event of an accident, such as a fall or a slip.

Choose also a comfortable sofa, preferably not too soft or hard. This is to reduce the risk of pain in the bones when sitting.

Additional Handles

Add some handles in certain places that are frequently passed, or potentially dangerous. Like the toilet area, stairs, and corridors.

The handle will make it easier for them to stand up and walk. Sealin it coat the handle with a cloth or foam so it is not slippery when gripped.

Good Lighting for Interior Design

The ability to see the elderly tends to decline. Therefore use the best lighting in your dwelling. The best lighting in the daytime is using the natural light of the sun. So make sure the dwelling has many openings that allow sunlight into the house.

If you use a lamp, preferably choose a lamp with white light. Because the minimal white light produces shadows so comfortable for the elderly eye. Selection of the type of light is also a must you consider.


Reduce dangerous objects and cause elderly to trip or slip, such as carpets or doormats. If you want to use the carpet, put the carpet on the floor so it is not dangerous.

Use also anti-slip made from rubber in the bathroom. Much elderly slip in the bathroom because the floor is slippery. If you use a bathtub, look for a safe bathtub.

Bright colors

Bright colors will be easier to view of the elderly. We recommend using solid colors rather than pastel colors. The use of solid light colors will make it easier for them to see.

You can also use the color to provide markers on the dangerous sides at home. like a ladder or a slope of the floor so that the elderly are more alert. So your parents can stay safer and more comfortable at home.

Elderly Bedroom Location

Make sure the location of the room for parents is downstairs. This is useful to reduce the risk of falling on the stairs. If possible also close to the bathroom or have a bathroom inside.

In addition, parents are more often woke up in the middle of the night to urinate. If the room is close to the bathroom, the parents do not need excess effort to achieve it.

Enlarge Space to Walk

Make enough space for passing. But not too big, because the elderly need ‘grip’ when walking. Make sure space has a secure object to hold on to when it runs.

Things that are not important also, you need to consider to widen the door. That’s for the possibility of wheelchair use in the future.

Beautiful environment with green scenery is also worth considering because it can support the health of parents.