Why Should I Switch to Ceramic Water Crocks?

Why Should I Switch to Ceramic Water Crocks?

We’ve seen one too many standard water coolers in most offices, homes and cottages. Until recently, we were not fully aware of the environmental effects of choosing plastic water dispensers over ceramic water crocks. Thankfully, more and more people are availing of water crocks! One water dispenser typically costs eight times more than a ceramic water crock, and in a time of recession, cost-efficient appliances are always beneficial. But the cost is only one of the many benefits of water crocks! Read on to find out more.

Did you ever notice the water from the cooler tasting a little bit like plastic? No matter how new or old a typical water dispenser is, there is still a tinge of plastic that seeps through and gives us that distinct taste. The water crock is made of ceramic. It is all natural and has no other artificial or electronic gadgets that can affect its taste, so you can enjoy fresh tasting water.

The water cooler also needs to be plugged in at all times of the day. That is if you want instant hot or cold water. This takes up electricity, and whilst small, can rack up your electricity bill. The water crocks are very convenient to use, and you do not have to plug it anywhere: just fill it up with cold water, and that water will remain cool for hours on end.

Aside from its taste, the water cooler uses plastic bottles, and we know that plastic cannot be disposed immediately. Every day, the discarded plastic bottles we use have been slowly taking space in landfills and can hurt our environment. Apart from the space, burning these bottles in an effort to throw them away can severely damage our ozone layer and contribute to air pollution. None of this is present in a water crock! These ceramic water dispensers can be easily disposed and will not potentially be harmful to others.

Another earth friendly advantage present in the water crock is that you can place tap water on these containers. Because we have been so used to buying plastic bottles from our local water companies, we have the tendency to spend more, even when the tap water is cold enough to drink.

If you have never seen a water crock, it would be good to check out! It comes in various shapes, sizes and colors. You can even choose your own design. With over hundreds of styles to choose from, you can surely find one that will complement the interior d?�cor in your home or office. There are even customized water crocks in the shape of basketballs and golf balls, even flowers! You can order one online or go to your local retail store to purchase one.

Drinking clean and safe water is of utmost importance to anyone and everyone. Where we put our water should not only be aesthetically pleasing, technologically advanced or convenient to use. The ceramic water crock is electricity-saving and will give you fresh-tasting water any time of the day!