Blue Living Room Decor Ideas to Apply

Blue Living Room Decor Ideas

Blue can indeed make the house look fresh. No wonder if there are blue living room decor ideas. Whether it’s for the whole house or just part of the house like a living room, it’s a must. As we know, living room is a place to gather with family and even relatives to visit. Therefore, this must be designed properly without reducing comfort. Well, this blue colour might be good to make your living room more attractive. However, you don’t need to go to the home consultant because it will spend much money. Here are the blue living room decor ideas that might help.

Navy Blue Wall

Actually, not all things have to be painted blue. This is because it will make the house look very flat. So, you have to be really sure if the combination of other colours blends perfectly with each other. Then when it comes to deciding which colour, you can only apply blue. Navy is one of the choices for those who want to create a classic atmosphere. This can be combined with painting with square frames. In addition, the use of colours that are lighter than the sofa needs to be considered. You can buy a white sofa so that the display looks balance.

Modern Turquoise Sofa

In terms of the sofa, you can try to put the turquoise sofa. This is suitable if you want a modern design. As we discussed before, the choice of sofa becomes important too. But if you want to bring a blue colour of sofa to living room, you can adjust it with the wall. Your sofa can be in lighter colour and the wall can be in the darker. Don’t forget to measure the size of sofa and the room itself.

Install Round Mirror

The number three of blue living room decor ideas is install round mirror. Complementary items or furniture are also very support of how the room will look. Mirror is the thing you must pay attention now. It’s not just the bathroom that needs to be fitted with glass. Living room is also suitable because it can make it look more beautiful and even wider. You can install a round shaped glass with a gold coloured frame. This will create a classic and luxurious look. While for the size, it can be according to the width of the wall. You can even install more than one if the size of the mirror is not too large.

Blue Patchwork Rug

The next item that can be essential for your living room is rug. For those who an industrial theme, there is the right choice of rug namely Patchwork. Unlike the other kind of rug that only play in colours, this one is different. There are well-arranged patterns that are even more than one. This will surely look unique and catch everyone eyes. So, choose a pattern that suits your preference that has a perfect blue colour. It’s better to look for inspiration on magazine or Pinterest.  Don’t make yourself regret for not looking for references first.…



The living room has indeed become one of the most frequently used spaced at home. Because there is no other space that can make family relax and spend time together while enjoying the entertainment. Creating a comfortable living room need a proper plan. Set up a right living room design and maintain the cleanness are the two main key to designing a comfortable living room. Here is some inspiration to organize a narrow living room to make it comfortable.

Choose The Right Color

The choice of the right color can bring a fresh and cheerful atmosphere in living room design. Choose the light colors for living room design, because the dark colors tend to make the room feel cramped. In contrast with the bright colors that can make the living room more spacious. You can paint the wall in neutral colors and combine with simple accented furniture and monochrome accessories.

Put Mirror On The Wall

Mirrors can make a narrow living room seem more bright and spacious. The reflection of the wall color will bring vitality and dynamic impression on the living room design.

Minimalism Furniture

Select minimalism furniture and avoid furniture with excessive details. The purpose is to make the living room design seem more spacious and impressive. A large sofa will make the room look more comfortable, but keep in mind that a large couch will take too much space and make the room feel much more narrow. It will limit the space. Choose a comfortable small sofa and other minimalism furniture to avoid the room feel more cramped.

Multifunction Furniture

Select the multifunction furniture for your living room design. You can buy a small sofa which can be set into the sofabed. Another alternative is a table that can be folded when you don’t need it. Too many seats or chairs also take up too much space. Add some cushions on your carpet or sofa. Cushions make the room feel more friendly and comfortable. Choose the right patterns, textures, and colors of textiles which still harmonize with the other types of furniture. For the limited space your creativity is very important.

Set Up The Perfect Lighting

This is the significant step in creating a spacious living room design. The right lighting can change the atmosphere of the room. It can make the room becomes more lively and friendly. A unique and simple chandelier can beautify the space and create the appropriate ambiance, without consuming space for other furniture.…