Garden Layout



You may need some garden decor tips to redecorate your house look. Designing a garden in front of the house is one way to create a harmonious and wonderful atmosphere at home. In addition, the beautiful garden can become a pleasant view to welcome guests or your neighbors who came for a visit. If your home has a fence and enough distance towards the house, you can put some flower pots to make it more beautiful. Having the small garden will make the look of your home more vibrant and colorful.  Here are some garden decor tips for you to decorate your garden in your spare time.

Customize The Home Style And The Plants

The first garden decor tips match the home style with the plants is important to create a harmonious and sweet visual for your house. Flowers with warm colors are perfectly combined with bright green color which is appropriate for the tropical home style. While flowers with the pink or purple colors will be matched with dark green plants, creating a harmonious contrast to minimalist modern style.

Choose The Right Plants

The second garden decor tips choose the right plants. You need to adjust the plants with climate and of course the style of your home. The garden is indeed created to bring the beauty and harmonious look to your home. Therefore you need to pay attention to the plant and climate suitability so that the home and garden look unified and more beautiful. To support the visuals, you can add the proper lighting to the garden. Make sure you install and arrange the plant’s pot properly according to your design.

Design A Corner Garden

If you do not have enough space to create a garden, these garden decor tips are helpful for you. Put some piece of land just on the corner or fence of your house. This little garden will become the center of your house facade and perfect to add decoration to your facade design.

Hopefully, the garden decor tips above will help you to create a new look and visuals for your house. Good luck!…

Small Garden Decor Tips

garden decor tips

We do not need to have a wide field to make garden. By utilizing a narrow field, we also can have a garden according to our wish. There are small garden decor tips for your home that you can follow. Read and learn how to use narrow field for your garden.

The beauty of garden is also important to think about. People who come to your house may pay attention to your garden because it is clearly visible. That is why you have to think about how to have a beautiful garden in a narrow field. Follow all the small garden decor tips below for more information.

Selecting Suitable Media

The first small garden decor tips is selecting suitable media. Because of the limitation of the field, we have to rack our brain to think about which media suits our garden well. We can use conventional pot for the plants in our garden. But you have to choose the suitable size so that your garden has the right proportion.

If you are creative enough in creating a unique decoration for your garden, you can utilize stuffs you have. You can utilize barrels, used tires, or bottles for potted plants. You can recolor or paint these stuffs to get an interesting look. You also can add other stuffs such as table, chair, and lamps if it is possible.

Choose a Theme for Your Garden

The second small garden decor tips is choose a theme. Theme is an important part in decorating your garden. It will be easier for you to choose anything you need for your garden. Choose the best theme and collaborate your imagination to decor your garden.

Choose the Plants

The third small garden decor tips is choose the plants. You have to choose more than one kind of plant for your garden. Combine the green plants with colorful flowers. It will make your garden look beautiful.

Pay Attention to Quality of the Conduit

The last small garden decor tips is pay attention to quality of the conduit. It is also important in building a garden. A good quality of conduit can affect the quality of the plants in the garden. It will keep your plants look fresh and healthy.

By following all these small garden decor tips, hope it help you in utilizing a narrow field for a building a beautiful garden based on your wish.