Ice-O-Matic’s ICE0500 and CD40030 or 40130 Provide Cool Times at Large Hotels

Ice-O-Matic’s ICE0500 and CD40030 or 40130 Provide Cool Times at Large Hotels

When staying in lavish hotels and venturing on expensive vacations, guests often believe that every one of their needs should be met or exceeded. It is a reasonable request, especially after they may have spent hundreds to thousands of dollars on a dream vacation or weekend getaway. All of their wishes should be fulfilled, and all of their expectations should be met. Your ice machine’s production should not be a contributing factor to a guest’s letdown.

Imagine ruining a romantic weekend for a newlywed couple because your machine could not keep a substantial amount of ice on hand for them to keep their champagne adequately chilled. Think of the 21st birthday party that cannot find enough ice to keep their drinks cold. These problems become obsolete when you acquire the Ice-O-Matic ICE0500 ice maker, and the CD40030 or CD40130 ice dispenser.

The ICE0500 assures that every floor of your hotel will have the ice necessary to accommodate your guests. Producing around 600 pounds per day, the ICE0500 is one of the most powerful units available to be equipped with a hotel dispenser. The CD40030 and the CD40130 are highly effective dispensers that provide a quarter pound of ice per second from the touch free chute. These dispensers are operated with a lever that requires no touching of the machine – the container pushes the lever. The CD40130 model from Ice-O-Matic comes equipped with a water dispenser included as well.

With an Ice-O-Matic ice machine, you are assured a quality machine that will last a long time. The Pure Ice technology from Ice-O-Matic allows for fresh tasting ice by inhibiting bacteria growth while Ice-O-Matic’s Harvest Assist contributes to provide constant, consistent ice production while reducing energy consumption and increasing the machine’s capacity.

Also standard with any Ice-O-Matic machine is the longest warranty in the ice machine industry. With three years parts and labor, five years parts on the compressor and evaporator, and an available seven year parts and labor warranty on the evaporator, Ice-O-Matic is the clear cut leader for consistency and quality. The seven year warranty is available with the purchase of an Ice-O-Matic water filter, which must be replaced every six months. The water filter will greatly improve water quality and ice freshness as well. Another option for the ICE0500 ice machine is to discharge air from the top. This means your unit does not require additional clearance space on the sides of the machine.

Don’t ever let a lack of ice turn your guests’ stay into a miserable event. A poor review is enough to deter the consideration of any future guests. You should ensure nothing happens to prevent a guest’s return, especially if it can be avoided with the proper cuber head and dispenser combination. Visit our Ice Machines Plus website and check out the Ice-O-Matic ICE0500 and the CD40030 and CD40130 dispensers and find the perfect machines for your establishment today.