Spring Cleaning to Discourage Pest Activity

Spring Cleaning to Discourage Pest Activity

If you are one of the many homeowners thinking about that spring cleaning, what you may not know is that spring cleaning both inside and outside is a great way to discourage pest activity. Most pests are attracted to your home from clutter or food, which means that by eliminating these things you will be eliminating potential home pest infestations. The bugs are very busy in the spring trying to gather food, reproduce, and make a perfect home for the warmer months. Thankfully there are a few key cleaning tips that will help to keep the bugs away from your home and property.

Inside spring cleaning tips:

Deep clean of the kitchen – Grab the scrubbing brush and some cleaning gloves so you can get into all of the hard to reach places like behind the stove and under the refrigerator. Aside from the appliances you should also focus on a deep clean of your food pantry and kitchen cupboards. Make sure there are no crumbs or spills that are building up and then as you put food away make sure any open food items are stored in containers with tight fitting lids to keep any bugs out.

Organize storage spaces – This includes the attic, basement, garage, or any other room dedicated to the storage of clutter in your home. It is the storage areas that we spend less time in that pests are most attracted to. And clutter, like stacks of old newspapers are a great hiding space for some pests to camp out. Placing your belongings in plastic storage bins with a lid is a great way to not only pest proof your precious items, but also to keep them safe from moisture and mold.

Outside spring cleaning tips:

Clear your yard of any sticks, branches or tree limbs – Wood on your property could attract termites so it is best to make sure that there are no pieces laying around, getting moist and perfect for a termite infestation.

Redirect water to stay away from your property – Water is another attractor of pests including mosquitoes and termites, who need moist conditions in order to survive. Especially in the spring when the ground is really moist, watch out for any streams or stagnant water on your property.

By following these spring cleaning tips, both inside and out, your home will be better protected from unwanted pest invaders. Prevention is both highly effective and a chemical free approach to pest control, which makes it very important to stay on top of throughout the entire year.