The most sophisticated technology today is technology that uses electricity. Therefore, electricity is the main priority that must be in the family expenditure budget. Unfortunately the cost or electricity tariffs tend to continue to increase. Making people have to think about ways to save electricity use so that costs do not increase.

In this case, some country government is increasingly aggressive in promoting the use of renewable resources that can be obtained by the community, one of which is the installation of solar panels in every home. You can use solar lease

Solar panels are power generation systems that can convert sunlight into electrical power with the photovoltaic effect. The electrical energy will be stored in batteries which are then used for electrical power.

Solar panels have several benefits, one of which is saving electricity costs. The rest of the benefits of solar panels will be discussed together.

1. Save Electricity

By installing solar panels, it means that we have a source of electrical energy other than electricity. Because electricity needs are met by two sources, solar panels can help to reduce monthly electricity bills. With the use of solar panels, electricity bills can be reduced by up to 50% and even you don’t have to pay electricity bills because the electricity needs can be met by solar panels.

Given the cost of conventional electricity which tends to rise every year, the use of solar panels can be the best investment option for decades to come.

2. Eco-Friendly

Solar power is known as environmentally friendly energy because it does not emit harmful carbon emissions that can contribute to climate change.

Solar panels are sourced from sunlight, sunlight is a resource that is not limited or never runs out and is always renewable. This is different from other energy sources that use fossil fuels which if used excessively can lead to scarcity.

3. Easy to Apply

Indonesia is located on the equator (a tropical country), making Indonesia get abundant sunlight. This is one of the advantages because the solar panel system can be applied in every home to become an independent power plant.

4. Durable

Solar panels have a service life of up to 30 years. This long service life is a guarantee for users to get electrical energy for a long period of time.

Because it has a strong resistance, solar panels are believed to be able to withstand extreme weather changes. In addition to strong durability, electrical panels also have low maintenance costs. For maintenance you only need to clean it and replace the inverter or cable if needed.