Water Cooler Dispenser Types – Which Water Dispensers Are Best?

Water Cooler Dispenser Types – Which Water Dispensers Are Best?

Water coolers typically fall into one of two categories; bottled and bottle less. The look of the typical water cooler dispenser has changed drastically in recent years, from bulky eyesores to sleek and stylish fixtures that blend into the decor of any type of home or office. These exciting new designs are featured in a wide variety of colors including natural wood finish, gold and stainless steel. They are an attractive and functional addition to any home or office.

Bottled Water Cooler Dispensers

In offices where a permanent alteration such as a plumbed-in water cooler is not permitted, a bottled water dispenser is the suitable choice. Because this type of water cooler dispenser is impermanent and portable, it can be placed in direct proximity to any work area, far from any water supply. This is especially convenient in temporary offices such as those found on construction sites.

Having a supply of bottled water to drink is particularly beneficial in areas where the tap water is unpleasant tasting or of questionable quality. In the home, a bottled water cooler dispenser is ideal in situations where permanent alterations to the premises are not permitted, such as in rental units.


Ideal for spaces where no plumbing is present

Good alternative to tap water, which can sometimes be of poor quality

Portable and convenient


Purchasing a supply of bottled water

Replacement bottles and empties require storage space

Full bottles can be difficult to change due to weight

Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser

A bottleless water dispenser is generally more compact than the bottled variety because it lacks the bulky bottle. It is conveniently attached to existing plumbing for an unlimited free source of water. The water is filtered and then cooled before it is dispensed, converting even unpalatable tap water into great tasting fresh, clean water.

Although the installation of this type of water cooler is slightly more complicated because it is connected to a water source, it is virtually maintenance-free except for regular filter changes.


Free unlimited source of water; no need to purchase water

No bulky bottles to change and store

Compact and virtually maintenance-free


More complicated installation

Relatively permanent; not portable

Cannot be used in rentals or areas with no water source


A water cooler dispenser can be obtained from a variety of places. Most home supply stores carry them in one form or another, and water delivery companies such as Culligan also offer the units for lease or purchase. A host of online dealers such as Aquaverve offer both bottled and bottleless water coolers in a wide selection of exciting new designs and colors. Browsing the sites of many online dealers gives you the opportunity to view a large number of different designs prior to making a purchase.