Floor Mirror Styles and How to Choose the Best One

Floor Mirror Styles and How to Choose the Best One

The overall beauty or elegance of any home is a combination of several factors. It has as much to do with the choice of the furnishings as well as the manner of arrangement. A floor standing mirror is typically known as a functional piece but hey, it is also a very good decorative item. There are several ways in which floor length mirrors can be incorporated into any home resulting in a drastic transformation of the room. Apart from their functional and decorative uses, they have also been known as instruments by which small rooms can be made to appear larger. This concept works by the creation of a visual illusion that adds depth to the room which then seems bigger than it really is.

In order to achieve these purposes, a floor mirror can be found in a large variety of styles and themes. To start with, there are floor length mirrors that are typically supported by frames. Such designs are known as freestanding mirrors. As such they require no installation to the wall. There are also large floor mirrors that need to be fixed to walls in order to use them.

Among freestanding mirrors there are the fixed types and there are the adjustable ones. The adjustable ones are also known as cheval mirrors. A cheval floor mirror comes with knobs that allow it to be suitably adjusted to favor any direction desired by the viewer. It can be tilted vertically and horizontally to accommodate any viewing plane. There are different styles that can be achieved with a freestanding mirror because of the supporting frame.

Wooden frames are usually the most commonly used. However, depending on taste and budget a standing mirror can also come with other types of frames. Golden and silver frames are other examples. The design of a frame also contributes to the level of style that can be achieved especially if intricately done.

An antique floor mirror is another style for floor length mirrors and can conveniently fit in with an antique or even a modern setting. A floor mirror can also be found in modern themes of course. A floor mirror no doubt comes in a large number of styles that will transform any home.