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5 Things to Do if You Suspect a Gas Leak


Developing a gas leak can be a dangerous situation that requires immediate action on your part to get it resolved. Connections can come lose or pipes burst for numerous reasons, the most common begin the cold weather or age.

Find the Gas Valve Shut-Off and Turn

If you are smelling natural gas inside the home, find the gas shut-off valve near the appliances that use gas. Go outside and use the shut off there if it doesn’t work. If you still smell gas strongly or hear a hissing noise, it’s time to get away.

Don’t light Any Lighters or Use Light Switches

Don’t light any cigarettes or flip any light switches when you smell gas. Anything that can set off a spark can cause the gas to ignite. You can be burned bad from natural gas in the air that gets lit.

Get Out and Away from the House

Get all people and pets out and away from the house if the gas smell is persistent or you hear gas escaping a pipe. Try and warn your neighbors there is a gas leak.

Call the Gas Provider for Assistance

Call the gas company you get services from and have them send out an emergency crew to shut the gas off to your home, or locate the leak and determine how to stop it from getting worse. The important thing is to get professionals on the job as soon as possible.

Contact a Professional Service to Perform the Repair

The gas company will only fix the pipes that are their responsibility If you have a leak in pipe close to the home or inside, you’ll have to tackle the repair. Call on experts to get the repairs done quickly.

Contact the experts in repairing pipes that cause a gas leak Spring TX homeowners rely on for fast emergency services. Time is critical in getting a gas leak under control.