Top Tips For Bottle Water Cooler Selection, Use and Maintenance

Top Tips For Bottle Water Cooler Selection, Use and Maintenance

It has been confirmed that city tap water may contain nitrate, lead, copper, viruses and even bacteria. Sounds scary? Of course it is very scary. These contaminants may be the cause of serious health concerns. To avoid the discomforting health issues this may warrant one should consider investing in a water cooler. The best cooler is a bottle water cooler. It allows you to be able to always carry a fresh bottle of cool water along with you where ever you go. There are also coolers that have a fountain and all that is needed is a cup. Paper cups can be ordered by the same company that delivers the dispensed water.

Some of the other conveniences include the fact that it taste better and is always available, it may also cause your family to drink more. We all know the health benefits deriving from this. Drinking six to eight glasses of water a day is highly recommended by health care providers.

When deciding what bottled water to fill your dispenser with keep in mine that there are several different types. Some of theses are: well, spring, sterile, sparkling, purified water mineral ground and artesian well water.

Different water companies have different types of water as well as the methods which are used to keep the unit cool. Thermoelectric modules are a source of energy that is cost efficient, quiet, environmentally friendly and reliable. If the room is kept at more than eighty degrees it is better to use compressor technology because it has a strong cooling ability.

The office is not the only place bottle water dispensers are showing up. Families concerned about the contaminants in tap water are making sure that they have a refrigerator that allows for a water dispenser system. Also present in some homes are infiltration systems placed at the faucet and sometimes underneath the counter. Some of the more modern and environmentally friendly homes have infiltration systems built in the homes structure.

When a person is deciding what type of unit to use space should be an issue as well as cost and maintenance. If it is an office space with over five employees the larger dispenser is probably more suited. If it is a family of four or less a much smaller unit will suffice.

Some units come with dispensers that allows for cold and hot water. The hot water is excellent for making a quick hot drink like instant coffee or hot chocolate. Families with smaller children may want to choose a dispenser that sets on top of the counter. The hot water in these units can cause serious burns so the manufactures has installed on and off switch for safety.

Now that you have made the decision to purchase a bottle water cooler it is time to look in your wallet and determine how much can actually be put toward a dispenser. There are many units that have price incentives and rebates. Pay attention to the due date given on the rebate forms so that you can get your rebate in the mail and back to the manufacturer on time.

Last but not least remember to read over your new bottle water cooler owners manual and understand how your unit works. Make sure that your dispenser is energy efficient and enjoy your investment.