November 2020

Get the Lowest Price on Office Water Coolers

Get the Lowest Price on Office Water Coolers

Office water coolers are more than just a gathering place to discuss the social lives of the employees. They actually do have a purpose and that’s to provide clean, chilled, great-tasting water whenever any of the employees need it. It’s been shown that when people drink the required 8 glasses of water a day they are more focused and more efficient. And when surveyed, the number one reason why people said they don’t get the required 8 glasses of water a day they said that they didn’t have time followed by they didn’t remember. An office water dispenser does both. When placed appropriately the water cooler will catch the attention of all who walk by, and because office water coolers take great-tasting spring water and chill it down to a refreshing level, people use this convenience to grab a quick drink of water throughout the work day.

So how can you get the lowest prices on office water coolers?

Whether you need to replace an old water cooler or you’ve decided to get new ones, there a couple of tips for getting the lowest price. The first thing that you need to decide is whether or not to get a point-of-use water dispenser or if it’s better to have a bottled water cooler. The point-of-use models are nice because once installed you never have to worry about getting more water for the water dispenser. They require a moderately involved installation where the building’s water line is plumbed into the back of the unit. However, once everything is set, these units work for years with only minimal maintenance. What’s even better is that they oftentimes have built in filtration units that remove some of the junk that’s in the water line (such as hard minerals and some bacteria) so that no matter what type of water you have it comes out tasting fresh. The other option is to purchase a 5 gallon bottled water dispenser. These units have the freedom to be placed anywhere however the big trade off is that you have to keep filling the cooler with new bottles as the water runs out. All you need is an outlet and you’re good to go.…

A Safe Drinking Water Dispenser is an Important Part of Being Healthy – Find Out Why

A Safe Drinking Water Dispenser is an Important Part of Being Healthy – Find Out Why

With the state of our drinking water the way that it is, every home or office should feature a safe drinking water dispenser in order to ensure the highest quality H2o possible. A lot of people out there are being very lax when it comes to the effect that unfiltered tap water could potentially have on their health. These people need to wake up to the reality of things before their health is adversely affected.

There is a wealth of pollutants that have accessed our reservoirs through the careless application and disposal of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals. Many people simply presume that the water treatment facilities that deliver their water are doing what is necessary in order to ensure that the water is clean. The truth is that there is almost nothing that these facilities can do in order to ensure clean drinking water for you.

The purchase and installation of a safe drinking water dispenser wherever you typically get your H2o is a critical step in being healthy. If you are one of the millions of people that think that you don’t need to spend the money on this type of system, because you have switched over to bottled water as opposed to tap, then I have some news for you there also.

Bottled water can be every bit as damaging to you as water straight out of the tap, because there are few regulations as to what is allowable in bottled water. The vast majority of what people believe is H2o drawn directly from a mountain stream is actually tap water lightly filtered as to improve taste, and eliminate odor. There are allowable levels of toxins and carcinogens in bottled water.

An effective safe drinking water dispenser will feature the filters necessary for the removal of chemicals contaminants, pharmaceuticals, toxic heavy metals, THMs, VOCs, and chlorine resistant parasites. This product will supply you with submicron filtration, activated granular carbon, and an ion exchange for removing these pollutants from your water. A quality water purification system will keep you safe from 99% of the contaminants that threaten to do you harm.

A safe drinking water dispenser is the only real barrier between you and the thousands of contaminants that at some point could have a severe impact on your health.…

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