Greenway Water Dispenser – General Information

Greenway Water Dispenser – General Information

Greenway Water Dispenser is carefully engineered to give you years of enjoyment and trouble-free operation. This water dispenser easily converts from a countertop dispenser to a full size by attaching the base. Simply put the dispenser on top of the support, making sure to line up the rubber stops on the bottom of the dispenser with the holes on the top of the base.

Usually a Greenway Dispenser has the following things:

* Bottle support collar;

* Ready-To-Dispense indicator lights: Red: “flashing” Heater is in operation “on” and the hot water has reached its greatest temperature and is ready for dispensing; Blue: “on” meaning that the cool water, has reached its optimum temperature and is ready for dispensing;

* LED night-light;

* Child proof safety switch;

* EZ-heat activation button;

* Room temperature water push button;

* Adjustable cold water thermostat (rear of machine).;

* Cold water push button;

* Drain valve (back of machine);

* Removable drip tray;

* Hot water push button;

* Condenser coils (rear of machine);

* Cold-water power switches (rear of machine).

Important safeguards when using Greenway Dispenser are:

* Never turn the dispenser upside down or tilt more than 45 degrees. If the device has rested on its side for a large period, put the water dispenser in the standing position for approximately 12 hours before turning on.

* For use with three or five gallon (12 or 19 liter) water bottles and most filtration systems, (not included).

* Never use any other liquid in the dispenser other than known and microbiological safe bottled water.

* Never let children to give out hot water with no appropriate and direct supervision.

* Never use this dispenser with water that is unsafe to drink or is from an unidentified source.

* This water cooler is equipped with a grounded power cord plug for your safety. Plug it only into a grounded outlet. Do not use an extension cord with your water cooler.

* Never place anything inflammable close up to the dispenser.

* Keep the water dispenser in a dry place away from straight sunlight.

* Always install the water cooler on a level floor or counter. Hang around 3 minutes before restarting machine after shutting down.

* Always unplug the water dispenser before cleaning or servicing.

* Leave a minimum of 2″ (5 cm) around the back and sides of the dispenser for proper ventilation.

* Regular cleaning of your water dispenser is obligatory for the warranty.

Follow cleaning instructions outlined in this manual and clean the dispenser every 4 months. To avoid water spill over when cleaning your dispenser, all the time remove the bottle support collar before pouring water or cleaning solution into the reservoir.