Why a Ceramic Water Crock Is Eco Friendly

Why a Ceramic Water Crock Is Eco Friendly

Ceramic water crocks are becoming very popular in many peoples homes, cottages, and offices. This is largely to the market downturn, and shift to care more for the environment In fact a ceramic water dispenser is the most economical, and Eco friendly solution for fresh water in the home or office.

You see a ceramic crock is just that, ceramic. This means that there is no plastic or other artificial material used in production. But the earth friendly advantages do not stop there

These stone made water dispensers are also friendly to the environment because they do not require any electricity to keep your water cold. Every water cooler will need to be plugged in twenty four seven, which means you are paying for them twenty four seven. With a ceramic crock you simply fill it with cold water, and you can drink nice cool water for hours.

One more point that makes the ceramic crock earth friendly is the fact that you can fill it with tap water. Most people get in the habit of buying big plastic water jugs, even though the tap water is cold. These jugs are manufactured, and then shipped on bug trucks, which is harmful to the earth. You can see by reading all of these points that a ceramic water crock is the smart choice if you want to reduce your carbon foot print

If I still haven’t convinced you to get a water crock, maybe this will. They are much nicer than the ugly plastic water coolers. They come in all kinds of different sizes, shapes, and colors, which means you can get one that will match your kitchen.