How Much Would I Expect to Pay For a Wooden Rocking Horse?

How Much Would I Expect to Pay For a Wooden Rocking Horse?

There have been a lot of improvements in children furniture over the years; there are several options available in selecting a rocking chair for a child. Instead of buying a basic chair, rocking horses are a better option. They are fun for children of any age with many varieties, satisfying each age group.

Price for a wooden rocking horse will vary according to the quality and size. Of course, we would want a perfect rocking toy. Satisfaction is very important in this purchase, because it is a special present for little girls and boys. Some of them are handcrafted and nicely decorated to give a pleasurable experience. There are many sizes and styles available for selection. Safety is another criterion, which is to be observed carefully. On special requirements, you can also get them customized according to your requirement.

A wooden rocking horse is a classic gift for new babies; this kind of gift is appreciated a lot. Almost all the rocking horses have a small hollow in the middle of the body, which is part of the design. A time pod can be hid in that. Usually, a free brass plate comes with such horses, on which you can get your chosen message engraved. These horses are mounted on high quality wooden stands, which increase the beauty of the horses. The unique head also gives a creative look to it. The seats are also comfortable and padded; hence, it is a secure ride for the youngsters.

Prices will vary a lot ranging from a miniature rocking horse, which will cost about $10 to a big crafted one, which will be around $70. They are available in two forms; wooden and foam. A wooden rocking-horse is more durable but is a little expensive and heavier in weight, while foam ones are more comfortable and cheaper, but will be easily damaged, and their foam is likely to be compressed.

Rocking horses can be classified into three categories; Standard, Deluxe and Wood finish. Standard rocking horses are very popular, and they have real horse hair, which gives them a very traditional look, plus they are not very costly. Deluxe have added features, it is more refined and has more carving. Its price is higher though. Wood finish has more carving, add-ons and is higher in range than the rest of the two.

It is observed that traditional rocking-horses are more expensive. Though rocking-horses are a cheap alternative but they do not always look the part. Plush rocking-horse is another option, but a child cannot sit and ride on it.

Choices may vary according to the personal preferences. For some people, quality may be more important than colors and external beauty. For some people, designing would be the first priority. Some people would be attracted by the colored cartoon image. There would be a customer class who would be looking for cheap alternatives and are low on budget. In order to cater to needs of every customer, companies have spent a lot of effort in research and development. They have developed different styles with each model, satisfying the needs of a particular class. So, price would differ accordingly, based on the type and model selected.