Bottled Water Dispenser

Bottled Water Dispenser

With the fact that many city water supplies contain contaminated or chlorinated water, a growing number of people are turning to bottled water for their home cooking and drinking water needs.

Some people lug ten or twenty gallon bottles to their local discount store and fill them up, but many others have decided to have bottled water brought to their homes. This means that they need a bottled water dispenser.

If you’ve opted for the convenience of having a bottled hydration provider deliver 5 gallon water bottles to your home, that’s great! Generally a water service company will provide a bottled water dispenser.

But if you’ve decided to pick up your water bottles as you need them, then chances are you’re in the market for a water dispenser.

There are quite a few bottled water dispensers to choose from, including floor standing models and table top models. You can get models that offer hot or cold water on demand, or dispensers that simply provide room temperature water.

Dispensers that provide hot and cold water on demand will require electricity, so plan on placing it near an electric outlet. This is because the electricity is needed to warm and/or cool the water.

One available table top dispenser is ceramic and does not use electricity to keep the water pleasantly cool, but that is one of the more unusual dispensers.

Most bottled water dispensers have the capability to accept 3 or 5 gallon bottles. These dispensers will usually require that you flip the bottle upside down to have the water feed into the stand. Check into the manufacturer’s directions. You may be able to leave the bottle sealed until it’s upside down, and the drink dispenser may actually punch open the seal. If your dispenser doesn’t have that feature, you may have to be fast at flipping the bottle or you could have water all over your floor!

Prices for water dispensers run about $100 for a model that cools and heats your water on demand. There is one unit from Primo that allows you to place the water bottle under the stand and attach a pump so you don’t have to flip it over. This model retails for about $240. Table top models are generally in the $75-$85 range.

You’ll want to review prices and features before you choose a drink dispenser. Be sure to read reviews, this could save you a lot of disappointment!