Water Dispenser Stand

Water Dispenser Stand

If you’re one of the millions of people who have bad water, then most likely you’re bringing home bottled water.

It’s much more time and cost effective to bring home the larger 3 or 5 gallon bottles, but then you need a drink dispenser stand.

Which ones are the best?

Well, first of all you’ll want to decide if you need a floor standing model or a table top model. Will you need to have hot water or cold water dispensed from the tap, or will you generally need room temperature water? And what’s your budget for your water dispenser stand?

If you have a water provider company like Culligan bringing water bottles to your home, then most likely the company has provided a dispenser at little or no charge.

But if you’ve opted to go to the store as needed and bring home a bottle or two at a time, then you will need a dispenser stand. Otherwise you’ll have to strong-arm the 5 gallon bottle each time you want something to drink!

Water dispenser stands are available today in a variety of styles and with a number of features. They can come with hot or cold water dispensed on demand, or you can get a model with room temperature water only. The dispensers that provide hot and cold water will need to be located near electricity, so plan accordingly if you choose this type.

Water dispenser stands that offer hot water on demand advertise that the water is nearly boiling, which is convenient for coffee, tea and instant soups. The cold water feature is enjoyed by many who cannot drink lukewarm or room temperature liquids.

Costs for water dispenser stands can range from $100 to$200. Table top models are a little less, usually about $80. The hot and cold water features are available in both floor and table top models.

There is also a “pump” model available for those who don’t want the typical dispenser. It runs approximately $20 and is simply a push pump that attaches to the top of a 3 or 5 gallon

bottle. You just push your hand down on top of the pump and fill your glass or cooking pot.

Regardless of your bottled water needs, there are a large number of water dispensers to choose from that can fit your home or office requirements.