Sunbeam Water Dispensers at Home in the Modern Kitchen

Sunbeam Water Dispensers at Home in the Modern Kitchen

When you think of the traditional water dispenser you’re likely to think of a plain looking plastic appliance that would stick out in any modern kitchen or office. Not only does it not look attractive, but the “glub glub” sound that accompanies any pulls of water breaks any sort of upscale ambiance you’re trying to achieve. Fortunately there are now other choices for the office, kitchen and even dorm that will help keep you from embarrassing yourself in front of your friends.

First lets take a look at that massive kitchen tumor known as the old ugly bottle water cooler. How should it be redesigned? How about getting rid of the bottle? This is a good first step and in fact you can get water dispensers that have no bottle. They simply tie in to the existing plumbing.

Well, “simply” may be a stretch as you will likely want a plumber or at least someone who is not afraid to get wet set this kind of unit up. And you also may be wondering what the point of having a dispenser is if it’s just going to be tied into the tap water line. The upside of a bottleless dispenser is that it can filter the water before you pour it into your glass, use it for cooking, or start making coffee.

If you’re a tea drinker you can get these dispensers with a heating element that will give you near boiling water in an instant. These can be a bit dangerous if they’re in the reach of small children as the water can easily cause serious burns. Also, don’t try to fill a cooking pot with the already hot water as this will likely shorten the life span of the heating elements.

For those in warm climates you can even get dispensers with built in water chillers so you don’t have to worry about getting ice for your water drinks. Just pull it already refrigerated right from the dispenser. This is great for making instant iced tea or preparing a water bottle for an outdoor exercise session.

On the flip side, if you don’t want to (or can’t) mess with your plumbing this means you need to keep the bottle. But the dispenser can still get a makeover. Instead of the garish plastic you can find colors and style that fit in better with the modern kitchen. Black seems to go with everything, and this is also the case with water dispensers. A glossy black sheen on the outer casing makes for a very high tech look.

And, of course, there is the stainless steel option. Stainless steel kitchens have become very popular and you will find water dispensers that will blend right in with this decor. A stainless steel and black color combination looks very sharp and right at home in today’s kitchen. With either of these finish choices you will be able to find models that will even hide the large water bottle either in the top (traditional) or in the bottom (a newer design).

Finally, there is the Sunbeam Hot Shot water dispenser. This is a unit that is fundamentally different from the styles mention above since it’s sole purpose is to take water that you add (up to one cup) and create hot water to use for tea, cocoa, instant soups, or other hot water needs. It’s not as large as traditional water dispensers but fills an important niche.

You don’t need a sports car to go grocery shopping and you don’t need a complex system to get hot water quickly. It’s all about finding the right tool for your particular application.