The Best Countertop Water Dispenser Revealed

The Best Countertop Water Dispenser Revealed

With the latest innovations in home filtration technology, you can now have the best countertop water dispenser that’s efficient and convenient. With so many different types, here is what to look for to ensure you get the healthiest water possible.

During your search, you will most likely come across the aggressively advertized reverse osmosis (RO) systems.

While they can remove some of the harmful chemicals, they let many of the synthetic ones through like pharmaceuticals and pesticides. What they tend to recommend is that you add on a carbon block filter to ensure a higher removal rate.

The truth is that you don’t need two filters as the carbon block systems alone achieve the best removal rates without the need for the expensive and bulky RO systems as well!

The very best countertop water dispenser systems are twin filter activated carbon ones with sub micron filtering and ion exchange.

The first filter removes sediment and tiny microscopic particles that affect the smell and taste along with 99% of the chlorine. The second filter can then concentrate on getting rid of lead, synthetic chemicals and chlorine resistant organisms and cysts like Cryptosporidium and Giardia, two common waterborne parasites that cause flu like symptoms for most, but can be fatal to small children and the elderly.

These types are able to get rid of 99% of all the main chemical toxins in your supply and leave you with great tasting, healthy water.

The amount of water they can deliver is also important along with the amount of maintenance they require.

The best countertop water dispenser should be able to supply up to 30 gallons of water an hour and only require a simple filter change every six months or so with normal use. The RO systems are bigger and bulkier and require a lot of maintenance due to the way their filters are set up.

It is always good to select a system with a proven track record and the one I use has been voted Consumers Digest Best Buy 6 years in a row and provides a Performance Data Sheet to show exactly what their filters remove.

With the deteriorating quality of the supplies today, with over 2000 toxic chemicals known to contaminate it, it is more important than ever before to use the best countertop water dispenser so you have at least one pure water faucet in your home.

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