How to Choose Best Features in a Water Dispenser

How to Choose Best Features in a Water Dispenser

Drinking enough water to prevent dehydration should be a daily regimen, helping to ensure a healthy body and mind. Installing a water dispenser can make having access to fresh and pure water very convenient, making it easier to get enough H2O throughout the day. In order to make the most informed purchasing decision, there are certain things to consider when shopping for a water dispenser to place in the home or office.

First, be sure to carefully measure the area where you want to install the water dispenser to that you get a unit that fits as neatly as possible into the space allotted. Plan on positioning your water dispenser as close to the kitchen as possible to make it as convenient as possible to dispense water from the unit for cooking chores. Find out if the unit requires a nearby electrical source so you can place it as close as possible for plugging it without creating a tripping hazard with the wires.

Next, you should determine your family’s daily water needs in order to decide how much capacity the bottles on your water dispenser should carry. This calculation should ideally be based on the recommended 64 ounces per person. While a 3-gallon unit may be suitable for a single individual or a couple, a family with several children as well as pets will need at least a 5-gallon bottle.

If you are going to invest in a dispenser, look for a unit that gives you the option of dispensing both chilled as well as hot water. A hot water dispenser makes it convenient to brew up a cup of instant coffee or tea or hot chocolate without using the stove, as well as quick lunches that require hot water to heat the contents (such as such instant noodles and canned soups).

Last, Some dispenser models come complete with a refrigerator unit to store beverages and cold snacks. Although these may be a bit more costly to operate and increase your utility bill, the refrigerator is a great convenience if you are placing the dispenser in a recreation room or home theatre area.

There are certainly more issues to be considered, especially whether the water cooler’s warranty terms are compatible with your needs as well as issues of aesthetics. Hopefully the above information will help you make an informed decision, getting you in the right mindset to consider the various factors.