Is a Hot Water Dispenser Worth the Investment?

Is a Hot Water Dispenser Worth the Investment?

There are some people that are so enamored with their hot water dispensers, they are after all considered their friends after they get one installed as part of their plumbing features. Although this feature is one of convenience and ease of use, let’s examine the pros and cons.

On the pro side of the coin, hot water dispensers allow for instant heated water that can be used for a number of purposes. A cup of instant coffee or tea is only seconds away. Making oatmeal and soup along with mixing baby’s’ formula is quick and efficient.

Heating water really quickly is what a hot water heater does and in the process speeds up many kitchen duties. There are many styles and designs from which you can choose and there is one to fit any d?�cor. There are some with the typical low spout that can be twisted and the newer model that is built like a goose neck. This high unit allows for the filling of tall pots and the like.

Once the water dispenser has reached a certain temperature, it can maintain it for quite some time. Not having to run constantly to stay hot allows for the saving of energy. There is no doubt that hot water dispensers are bit of plumbing ingenuity.

Flipping to con side, we see some drawbacks to the hot water dispenser. Before having one installed as part of our kitchen plumbing, think carefully about the uses you will have for it. Some of these dispensers have a limited capacity and may be great for a cup of coffee, but do little to fill a pot.

Another flaw is the cost. Hot water dispensers can be quite costly to purchase and have installed and that does not include the cost of electricity used to keep the water hot over an extended period of use. As for instant, that does not apply if the water is in the process of reheating. It can sometimes take a minute or two for the water reach its fully heated point.

Weighing these pros and cons will help you make the decision s to whether an instant hot water dispenser is right for you.