Tips for Arranging a Narrow Living Room

The living room is a room in the house that serves to receive every guest who comes. Therefore the living room must look beautiful and comfortable, because in the living room, every guest can judge every side of your home.

However, every house certainly has a different living room size, some even have a small living room. Then how do you organize the living room to make it look wider?

Actually there are some tips or ways you can do to make the appearance of your small living room look spacious. Here’s how:

Living room without partition

Make a living room without a partition. If the living room and family room are combined, it will make the living room look wider, while in a house that has too many permanent partitions, it will make your house look narrower.

Make sure all the furniture is close to the living room wall

In arranging furniture, you must also pay attention to how to arrange it in a small living room size. To make it look spacious, the right furniture is to position the furniture so that it can continue to stick to the wall in an I shape. That way, the empty space in the living room will be wider.

In addition, the arrangement and selection of furniture must also be adjusted to the size of the room. Therefore, choose small furniture if your living room has a small size too.

Add mirror decorations

Mirror decoration added to the walls of the room will fit perfectly with a small room. The trick is to install a decoration in the form of a large mirror on the wall of the living room so that the small living room will have double the area. The position of the mirror should be opposite to the position of the sofa in the living room.

Window and door design

To arrange the living room to make it look more spacious, you can design windows and doors in such a way. Make a wide window design with clear glass, because a wide window model will help you get rid of the narrow and stuffy impression in the room. The door design must also be designed in such a way, choose a high-sized door with a double or two-door model so that the room feels wider. In order for air circulation to run properly, you should make ventilation with a size large enough both above the door and above the window.


Choose colors and wallpaper motifs with bright colors, while the motifs that are highly recommended for narrow rooms are wallpapers with line motifs, both vertically and horizontally.

That’s how to arrange a narrow living room to make it look wider. Hopefully this information can be useful for you.