Get the Perfect Kitchen With These 3 Tips!

Get the Perfect Kitchen With These 3 Tips!

I have a really perfect kitchen. I love to be inside of it and using it and I really enjoy letting other people hang out inside of it when they are eating. It’s a great thing to be able to love being inside the kitchen, because I now love to cook and do things in there. People generally like making it the center of the house and I think it’s wonderful.

Friends and neighbors regularly come up to me and ask how they can also get the beautiful kitchen that I have. They want to make their kitchens look like it just came out of one of those gorgeous “magazine” kitchen we see on the news stands all the time. And I teach them the same tips to replicate that! Here they are.

Know the shape of our house. It’s important for you to be able to visualize the changes that you want to take place inside your kitchen. This way you can plan while you are sitting and hanging out, or while you are out on the go.

Know what you want. it’s key for you to recognize the exact specifications that you want to make. How are you going to position the tables in relation to the counter or island? What kind of refrigerator and stove oven cooker setup are you going to go with? You want to make sure these things all fit together in harmony.

Know when you’ve had enough. There is going to come a point when you have to satisfy yourself with what you’ve got. Take some time to think about when you are “done”. The finishing touches come right after that point.

These are the same tips that I always give to the people that come to me asking for advice on how to revolutionize the interior design of their kitchen. These questions inspire you to think creatively and get things going. They always work.

I have a beautiful kitchen, so put my tip to work and let me know how it all goes for you!