4 Ways to Cool Down a Hot Room Without Using AC

If you are currently looking for ways to cool a hot room, this article can help you. Currently, several regions in Indonesia are experiencing hot temperatures. In order to still feel comfortable in your room, you can turn on the air conditioner or air conditioner. But if you don’t have air conditioning or your air conditioner is out of order, these few ways to cool a hot room can help you.

How to cool a hot room

Use Ice and a fan

Before there was air conditioning, people used this trick to cool rooms. They put the ice in a large bowl then place it in a location where a fan can blow it. This trick can create a cool and cool breeze in your room.

Close the curtains during the day

Do not leave your bedroom exposed to the scorching sun during the day. To avoid this, close the curtains in your room so that the sun does not enter and makes the temperature hotter in the room. Some people even use rolled up towels and place them at the bottom of the door to prevent heat from entering through the door.

Use cold sheets

If your mattress uses hot sheets, you will certainly feel uncomfortable when you have to rest on it. As a solution, you can use cold sheets such as cotton. Sheets made of cotton have easy care and are durable. One of the high quality cotton sheets is the Egyptian cotton.

In addition to using cotton, you can also use sheets made of bamboo to cope with the hot weather. Bamboo has natural anti-microbial properties that will feel soft on the skin. In addition, bamboo sheets are also known to be breathable so that heat will not be trapped in the sheets.

Use a ceiling fan to cool down

A hanging fan can keep the room temperature cool. The fan will keep the air moving so it can cool the temperature of your room. In hot weather, you should make sure that the fan rotates counterclockwise. This will create cool air that flows down or toward the floor.