Nowadays, the current property prices are very high compared to the previous year. The newly married young couple usually will buy a simple small house to suit their financial condition. But any small house can still be designed properly by a simple home design so that it remains comfortable and still looks beautiful. Here are the tips for simple home design for a small house.

Bright Colors

The first simple home design for small house use mostly bright colors. Design your house with bright and white colors make your house feel spacious and look bright. You can combine the white color on your wall and colored or patterned rug on the floor. This will make your house warmer and more beautiful.

Maximize Big Window

The next simple home design for small house maximize the big window. Let the sun shines from the outside brighten your room. It will make your room looks larger and wide-open. Take advantage of the morning sunlight, when it is too hot in the daylight you can use a curtain with interesting motives to cover the window.


The next simple home design for small house put the mirror on the wall. By reflecting the light, mirrors can help create the optical illusion that makes a small room looks wider. Attach a large mirror on the living room or dining room wall to create a duplicate illusion of the real size of the room.

High Ceiling

The next simple home design for small house design a high ceiling for each room. If you have a small room, you need to design a high ceiling because it will make your room more spacious and give a relieving feeling. Design the high ceiling especially for the public rooms such as living room or dining room. Because you will tend to use this room together often.