Save Money With A Ceramic Water Dispenser

Save Money With A Ceramic Water Dispenser

In this article I will talk about the advantages of buying a ceramic water dispenser. Many people want a good source of fresh, clean, and cold water in their home. The first option is usually those big plastic dispensers with the giant plastic jugs on top. They don’t look very nice, and they are also pretty expensive. To find out more, just read the article.

Water coolers are by far the most popular means of storing, cooling, and dispensing cold water, but many people do not think of the negative side of owning and operating them. Let’s take a look at a few of the downfalls of your typical water cooler and how you can save money with a ceramic water dispenser

They are expensive – This is a given, water coolers are about $100 more than any ceramic water dispenser.

They need to be repaired – The more moving parts, the more likely they are to break. If anything breaks in a water cooler, or the cooling unit breaks, most people will get a new one. The beauty of a ceramic water dispenser is that they never break (unless you drop it on the ground) even it you smash it, it will only cost you about $20 – $40 to get a new one

Electricity costs you money – If you want to take a chunk of money off of your power bill, just unplug your water cooler. That thing is on 24 / 7 and costing you money. Buy a ceramic crock to hold the water and you will save a lot of money in the long run

They are ugly – OK this point is the least important of them all but let’s be serious people. Water coolers are big, plastic, and do not look good.