Floor Water Fountains In The Home

Floor Water Fountains In The Home

Floor water fountains in your home are a great feature that you can add to really spice up a room. You can literally put them in any room of the house, provided you can get the water there using pipes. Floor water features may be expensive to install in some places and they may require that you also hire a plumber to extend or install new pipes for you to carry the water to the fountain. But you can just about put them in any room of the home and they will really do a lot to add a unique character to that room.

In the kitchen or dining room

When preparing food or eating food with your family or guests, then you should consider using floor water fountains as part of the decoration. A fountain in a food preparation area can give a pure and pristine feeling that will make all your meals feel even more natural and organic. The gentle bubbling of water will also be soothing and help you work better if you are cooking and the natural water sounds can be used as background noise for conversations to cover up those awkward silences that would otherwise arise.

In the living room or sitting rooms

Floor water features can also be a great addition to any room where you are expecting people to spend a lot of their recreational or leisure time. Thus, having a fountain for your family or guests when they are sitting down in your sofas and armchairs either having a great conversation or watching a movie is a great idea. The fountain can provide a great center point to any room and can even be used to break the ice in a new conversation.

In the bathroom

Floor fountains can also have a very specific use, especially if they are installed in a bathroom. In middle eastern countries, a bidet is a very common water feature found in the bathroom. Floor water walls could work the same way as a bidet does and will be a good addition to any bathroom. They can be fed with water from the municipal taps and only used when they are needed so there is no real water waste.

Alternatively, you can also set up a self-containing plumbing system for your water fountains that recycles and purifies the water so that none is wasted at all. This is especially a good idea for floor water fountains that are just for decorative purposes.