The Best Way to Install a Water Cooler in Your Home

The Best Way to Install a Water Cooler in Your Home

Having purified water at home is a big ‘in’ nowadays. Everybody is talking about it and everybody wants to have it. Drinking it, using it at home for cooking and taking showers, it is all nowadays about being healthy and drinking healthy water. So no wonder that purifying systems are so common and sought after nowadays.

Such as system is truly the best and cheapest to install at home for the additional comfort and benefit of your entire family. Knowing that the water you will be drinking is healthy and free of toxins does bring peace of mind to everyone. There are some great companies that offer good prices and good quality on these systems. This way you can easily get one that has the best prices available yet the quality won’t suffer at all.

When you are ready to install one of these systems, you won’t have a problem at all particularly that some smaller pieces are already connected to the system at the shutoff valve. All you really need to do is turn off the water, then disconnect the water line directly at the valve and just place the filtration system under your kitchen sink cabinet. You need to mark with a pencil the areas that will be drilled in holes against the cabinet side for the mounting brackets of the filters and then simply screw the mounting screws in their place. Once you’ve done this, reconnect the water supply and also the outlet from the filter going to the supply and finally to your faucet. Of course reading the instructions that came with the system should not be ignored unless you have done this before. Although the installation is pretty much the same everywhere, each model might have a few quirks of its own that you might not be otherwise aware of.

If you’re not sure how to install it by yourself, your best bet is to call a plumber who has done this before.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is whether you have a plumbed in water cooler or a bottled water cooler, as the two are not the same. When you install a plumbed in water cooler, it will take approximately 30 minutes to set it up completely. The manufacturing company sends an installation kit that will greatly help with the mounting process. The bottled variety comes with a water cooler dispenser which needs to be cleaned every now and then. The manufacturing company will supply you with a sanitation kit that will help with the process, as well as with full instructions on installing the bottled type. Please note that installing the bottled cooler is way easier than installing the plumbed in type.