Ideas to Update Your Home in 2010

Ideas to Update Your Home in 2010

As we all know that the energy resources of the world are reducing gradually. There is a dire need of saving these energy resources. Similarly, the rising prices of the utilities have put people under huge debts. Yet another problem that we face, is the damage to the environment due to the use of the artificial products.

So, if you are planning to update your home this year, the best thing to do will be to deal with all these three problems. If you are successful in dealing with these problems, then you will be able to have a very healthy and energy-efficient environment at home and it will not weigh much on your pocket.

There are many ways to achieve this seemingly impossible target. If you are planning to update your windows then you must make sure that you replace the existing ones with the energy-efficient windows. These windows are easily available in the market and the suppliers install them in your house so you just have to choose and buy.

Another thing that can be done to update your house in the year 2010 is to install solar panels in your house. These solar panels store solar energy, which you can use as per requirement. There are two major types of home solar energy systems. One of these is solar heating water and the other is solar producing electricity. These solar energy systems may seem a bit expensive in the beginning; however, they will save a lot of your cost in the future. Therefore, think of it as a useful investment. Similarly, you can also install a small scale wind power generator in your house.

You can also invest in installing loft installation in your home to save a lot of energy. Most of the heat in the house is wasted because the house is not properly insulated, therefore, you must install loft insulation in your house for conserving energy.

If you are planning to paint the house in this year, then a piece of advice for you will be to use non-toxic, low-VOC paint. VOC is short for volatile organic compound. These volatile organic compounds are the toxic gases which cause many respiratory problems and allergies due to their ability to damage the quality of air. So make your home safe for your family this year by investing in the low-voc paint.

Similarly, replace your PVC (polyvinyl chloride) shower curtains with the EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) or PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) curtains. There are many health problems which are caused by the chlorine in the plastics used for making shower curtains. For your kitchen, lightweight concrete countertops, made from recycled newspaper and fly ash are appropriate. Make sure that your kitchen cabinets and furnishings are free of formaldehyde. To get rid of the carbon monoxide and other gases, install an exhaust over the stove in your kitchen.

Add a gazebo or a garden lounge for spending some time close to nature. Replace your existing floor and its accessories with the more environment-friendly products such as bamboo wood floor and rugs and carpets made from the eco-friendly products. Follow these steps and make your house eco-friendly, energy-conservative and a healthy place to live.