Paper Lanterns and Chinese Lanterns – Decorating Your Home, Outdoor Party or Garden on a Budget

Paper Lanterns and Chinese Lanterns – Decorating Your Home, Outdoor Party or Garden on a Budget

Want to change the feel and look of a room without breaking the bank? It’s a domestic challenge we all face at some point, whether looking for a long-term change in colour for the home or a way to light up a wedding, party or special occasion. Happily, it’s also one of the easiest problems to fix!

Paper lanterns are an easy and affordable solution. They can be bought both locally and online for less than the cost of a small coffee, but bring bar more dignity, personality and professionalism to a room than the cheap price point would imply.

Remember how energised and content you felt last time you rearranged a room? A subtle change in interior decoration can be a very healthy thing. Paper lanterns offer the chance to do this with very little work, altering the area’s mood and personality with a little simple paper and lighting, and ultimately bringing a new energy and vitality to a living space.

All you need is:

a step-ladder

some simple fishing line

thumbtacks or hooks

, of course, some paper lanterns.

Any Colour Consultant or Interior Decorator will tell you the single largest obstacles are fear and indecision. We rarely know where to begin or which colour choices to make, let alone build up the motivation to act! To help you get past this first (and most difficult) step, we have put together this simple guide to getting started.

Step one is to simply ask yourself: what mood or vibe do I want from this space? Are you creating a festive party feel for an event, or a gentle atmosphere for a living space? Do you and your visitors wish to feel energetic? Relaxed? Contemplative? Consider the end result you want, then work backwards.

The following list summarises the most popular lantern colours currently on the market, along with the feelings they tend to evoke. (Of course, this doesn’t just apply to lanterns – you will find it equally useful for any painting, lighting or decorating.)

White – innocence, purity, hope, peace, cleanliness

Black – mystery, elegance, sophistication, power

Pink – friendliness, gentleness, kindness

Red – passion, vitality, love

Orange – creativity, cheer, social energy, warmth

Yellow – joy, sunshine, happiness, optimism

Green – refreshment, relaxation, the balance of energy

Blue – peace, cool, calm, serenity

Purple – royalty, richness, wealth, royalty, spiritual fulfilment

Brown – natural, earthy, organic

Of course, not all rooms or gardens are a blank canvas. Most of us will be limited by the existing space and colour scheme. If so, a colour wheel will point you in the right direction, keeping your colours compatible and building up the confidence to create something spectacular.

Good luck!