A Safe Drinking Water Dispenser Will Guarantee Your Family Benefits From Healthy Pristine Water

A Safe Drinking Water Dispenser Will Guarantee Your Family Benefits From Healthy Pristine Water

Are you concerned about your drinking water? You should be. An ageing infrastructure and a total of more than 300 contaminants in your drinking water is enough to raise the awareness of anyone. Of course you wish nothing but the best for your family, which is why you should consider the addition of the safe drinking water dispenser.

Water filtration units which once were luxury items are fast becoming an essential part of any household. You can’t afford to ignore the amount of contamination that is present in our tap water.

It seems that the more we test the more we find. By far the largest amount of pollutants comes from factory discharges and consumer products. The Environmental Protection Agency has a list of 91 contaminants which water utility companies are required to test will. Those pollutants not on the list can escape detection, unless you are lucky enough to live in those states which test for more than the 250 contaminants. However, most of the water utility companies carry out tests for more than 150 different pollutants.

Although these numbers do not seem very large you have to bear in mind that there is no “one test fits all”. Each of the contaminants requires a separate test. In times of a weak economy, many municipal treatment plants have budget problems. The result of this lack of funds is that many of the water tests are the first to suffer. This ultimately means they have to cut back to the 91 regulated contaminants.

Are you under the impression that your need for a safe drinking water dispenser is unnecessary because the treatment plants include chlorine? The reason for this is to disinfect the water. It does not purify the water in any way. Chlorine has no effect on the chemicals in the water. In fact, it produces by-products of its own, which can cause health problems.

All the chemicals can cause illness in many different ways. One of the most virulent is benzene. An amount as small as five parts per billion can be dangerous, in addition to this it is a known carcinogenic. Nearly all the human organs can be affected by these chemicals. This includes the liver, kidney, lungs and central nervous system.

To avoid falling victim to these ailments some method of removing them from your water is essential. A safe drinking water dispenser is the ideal thing to eliminate contamination from your water.

You have to find a water dispenser that will remove 99% or more of the pollutants. One system that does this with ease is an activated carbon filter. The contamination is not going to go away and is increasing day by day. The sooner you take the first step towards removing the pollutants the more protected your family will be.