Where To Put Colder Lighting Outside Your Home

While exterior lighting can affect the beauty of your exterior home space, it can also affect how you and others act in those areas. Consider your choice of warm or cold tones carefully if you want to stop yourself or others from acting in a non-ideal way in the outdoor areas of your home. Some tips on where to put cold-toned lightbulbs as opposed to warm-toned lightbulbs outside your home are written below.

Around Exercise Areas

Colder tones of light make humans feel more energetic. This is due to the fact that sunlight emits a colder tone. As such, your mind is naturally conditioned to become more alert and energized when it is exposed to a colder-toned light. This can give you the energy to move a lot more when you want or need to. Put colder-toned exterior lighting Tampa FL around the places where you want to exercise, such as around pools, outdoor gyms or sports courts such as tennis or basketball courts.

Near Entrances

Warmer tones can make people feel more relaxed. While this kind of tone may be ideal for giving your family or friends a warm welcome when they come to visit, you don’t want to extend the same kind of greeting to a potential burglar or intruder. You’d probably instead want to use a colder tone so that any anxiety they may feel towards their criminal intention is heightened. Consider installing both cold and warm lightbulbs around entrances. Then you can switch your lights from warm to cold tones once your family and friends have gone home.

One thing to consider is, of course, that the choice of cold over warm colors may affect the overall aesthetic of your home. However, sometimes it’s better to choose a better function over a more beautiful form.