Finding The Most Effective Under Counter Water Dispenser

Finding The Most Effective Under Counter Water Dispenser

These days, an under counter water dispenser is fast becoming a necessity as the quality of the municipal supplies and well water deteriorates. Discover how to find the best filters that protect your health as many available are simply not up to the task.

One of the main concerns today with an under counter water dispenser is how many contaminants they can remove.

Many systems like reverse osmosis (RO) fail to remove the modern menace of synthetic chemicals like pharmaceuticals and pesticides because they are molecularly smaller than water. Their filters can only manually remove particles and so these harmful ones slip through and into your drinking water.

In addition, distillation systems and the RO types take out essential trace minerals like sodium and calcium which are necessary for good health.

The most effective type of under counter water dispenser today uses activated carbon to manually and physically remove the toxins. The addition of sub micron filtering and ion exchange means the best ones can remove 99% of the main contaminants.

This leaves you with extremely pure and healthy water with the trace minerals left intact to keep you healthy.

These models should fit comfortably inside the standard under sink cupboard and should be easy enough to fit for most people. A simple cartridge change every six months is all that is needed.

One of the main complaints I hear is about the flow rate. Many can only summon up a trickle which leaves you waiting around for ages just to get a glass of water!

Look for those that can deliver up to 30 gallons an hour and you won’t be disappointed.

If you follow these tips you should be able to find the best products that can remove chlorine, lead, VOC’s, prescription drugs, pesticides, herbicides and cysts. Look for the manufacturers Performance Data Sheet to show you exactly what their systems remove and at what level.

You may also want to consider using a showerhead filter in conjunction with an under counter water dispenser as you absorb a lot of toxins, especially chloroform gas, when you shower. The chlorine in your water is converted to gas in the steam and is more harmful than drinking a couple of liters of unfiltered water.

Make no mistake about it, taking the time to find the most effective products is a vital with so many poor quality ones around and thereby ensuring the health and well-being of your family.

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