Water Dispenser Faucet – Discover Why a Better Choice Is a Water Filter System

Water Dispenser Faucet – Discover Why a Better Choice Is a Water Filter System

Looking to buy a water dispenser faucet? You need to be sure you get one that purifies your water. No matter how poor your current water quality is, it will make it taste great. Also, a water purifier will remove the thousands of toxins that are commonly found in today’s tap water. Yes, I said thousands!

Independent studies of public drinking water have uncovered some pretty disturbing facts. Years of neglecting this vital resource has resulted in staggering amounts of industrial and agricultural chemicals leaching into our water. It’s more than a luxury to have a water dispenser faucet with filtration these days. It’s a must-have to keep healthy.

Instead of buying a regular water faucet dispenser, you need to buy one with a multistage carbon filter. These can be placed out of site in the cabinet where your sink is located. They’re quite small so they take up very little of your cabinets storage space.

A multistage water filter system will remove over 99% of any contaminants that you are currently drinking. It’s like having spring water coming from your faucets! Plus, you can buy traveling water bottles instead of buying bottled water.

These systems are cheaper to buy and maintain than buying bottled water. And maybe you didn’t realize this but the plastic of water bottles can leak toxic chemicals into the water! It’s a far healthier choice to purify your tap water.

So, I mentioned multistage system. This is a very important point. Yes, carbon filters are very effective but some parasites and small dirt particles can still pass through it. The second part of your system needs to have a sub-micron filter. This will guarantee you the absolute purest water possible.

Be sure you don’t buy a system that strips out the healthy part of your water. What part is that? It’s the minerals. There are water filtration systems on the market that remove minerals which leaves the water tasting terrible. And besides, your body needs these minerals to stay healthy and slim.

What systems remove minerals? They are the ones that use distillation or reverse osmosis filtering technology. Strangely enough, these are the most expensive systems you can buy. And they’re one of the least effective at removing some of the worst chemicals from drinking water.

You can also buy systems that will purify all of the water that comes into your home. Some people prefer these because it’s better for your clothes when washing them, healthier for your hair and skin when showering, healthier for outdoor plants when watering them with a garden hose, healthier for your pets, and improves the effectiveness of automatic dishwashers.