The ICE0250 Atop the CD40030 and CD40130 From Ice-O-Matic: A Great Fit in Small to Mid-Sized Hotels

The ICE0250 Atop the CD40030 and CD40130 From Ice-O-Matic: A Great Fit in Small to Mid-Sized Hotels

If you’ve ever been faced with the necessity of purchasing a new piece of equipment for your business, before anything else you must consider, “Where am I going to put this?” It can be difficult allocating space for larger pieces of machinery. Thankfully, Ice-O-Matic offers an ice machine and dispenser combination that will also fit in almost any area with spatial limitations. Wherever ice dispensing is required, Ice-O-Matic has a maker and dispenser combination to perfectly suit your business.

The ICE0250 ice maker combined with a CD40030 or 40130 ice dispenser measure a combined 73 inches tall, just over six feet. This machine is not as tall as other ice machines from Ice-O-Matic, and with a free optional top air discharge feature, there is no minimal space requirement on the side of the machine. This way, it can be placed in close proximity to vending or soda machines as well, creating a one-stop shop for guests.

The ICE0250 and CD40030 or CD40130 are ideal for the small to midsize hotel or motel. The ice machine produces around 360 pounds of ice per day while the bin in the dispensers can store up to 180 pounds. Generally, a hotel or motel requires around five pounds of ice per occupied room, per day. With these calculations, this machine would produce enough ice to be able to accommodate 60 to 80 rooms comfortably.

The CD40030 offers a standard ‘push to dispense’ lever for simplified distribution. This method of ice distribution also works to cut down the risk of cross contamination as germs can spread easily when many people congregate in one area. Along with dispensing ice, the CD40130 includes a water dispenser to consolidate combine two of your guests’ most important amenities in one convenient machine, eliminating the need for an additional drinking fountain or water cooler. Four inch foam insulated walls provide insulation for the CD40030 and CD40130 allowing ice to last longer, with less risk of melting.

Standard with all Ice-O-Matic icemakers is their phenomenal warranty. Ice-O-Matic provides the longest warranty in the ice machine industry offering three years coverage on parts and labor for all components, and five years parts on the evaporator and compressor. By purchasing an Ice-O-Matic water filter and replacing it every six months, the evaporator’s coverage will be extended to seven years. A water filter also greatly increases the quality and consistency of the ice produced, leaving it flavorless so it will not taint the flaovr and quality of beverages.

The Ice-O-Matic ICE0250 icemaker, sitting atop the CD40030 or CD40130 dispenser, will provide ice and water to all guests in your small motel or hotel. Visit for additional information regarding these and many other space saving ice machines from Ice-O-Matic. We provide an assortment of products, along with information and guidance regarding all types of ice machines. With proper research, you’ll be sure to find the perfect icemaker and dispenser combination like the pair listed above, even with limited space.