The Best Home Water Dispenser Efficiently Eliminates Chlorine, Chemicals And Contamination

The Best Home Water Dispenser Efficiently Eliminates Chlorine, Chemicals And Contamination

Few of us are aware of the impact or extent of the many pollutants in our tap water. The numbers of different chemicals that can be present in our water supply can run into the thousands with more being added each day. Is it any wonder then that many people are searching for the best home water dispenser to protect themselves and their families?

The quality of your drinking water has come under fire for a number of years. The recent survey of Ralph Nader’s study group has confirmed that the “US drinking water contains over 2000 toxic chemicals that can cause cancer”.

There are many American illnesses that are linked to contaminated drinking water. However, many illnesses such as cancer can take many years to develop. There has been a rise in the incidence of breast and prostate cancer over the past 30 years. Recent research indicates it is a high probability that these are connected to pollutants found in water.

Any water filter you consider purchasing should have the ability to remove chemicals such as lindane, Alachlor, atrazine and others besides. In order for you to avoid the detrimental effects of these chemicals in your water supply you will have to install the best home water dispenser available.

With the numerous models are available on the market this can be a daunting task. How do you find the filter unit that is perfect for your home? There are many water purification methods; some have problems removing all the contaminants whilst others cannot remove the organic contaminants. Some remove the essential minerals which are naturally present in water.

If you consider reverse osmosis, this system uses a semi-permeable membrane as its foundation, which allows pure water to pass through. The process requires that the water be under pressure to force it through the membrane. In addition chlorine, iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide can attack and destroy the membrane. If you live in an area that has naturally hard water you will need a water softener before the reverse osmosis system to prevent membrane fouling.

It requires 3 to 5 gallons of polluted water to make 1 gallon of purified. If your water is metered then this could work out quite expensive.

If the reverse osmosis system doesn’t appeal to you then take a look at the active carbon filtration units. It is also known as a multimedia block filter. Also included is a sub-micron pore structure this will filter out sediment and cysts. This filter is widely recognised as the best available for removing VOCs and THM’s.

Obviously you have to make up your own mind as to which is the most suitable system for you, but I think you will find that the activated carbon filter is the best home water dispenser. Why not check one out today?