Shopping Tricks When Stressed to Keep Your Wallet Safe

Most young workers often experience pressure in their work which is quite draining of mind and energy. These challenges can be in the form of competition among coworkers, endless work deadlines , bosses who are always demanding, to complicated office politics.

No doubt, this kind of pressure has pushed many young workers to finally find a quick way to get rid of all these fatigues. There are many ways that are often done, for example hanging out at cafes after work, ordering snacks online to being diligent about shopping at the mall during break time. This habit is known as retail therapy .

Actually there is nothing wrong if you as a young worker want to deal with stress or work pressure by shopping. It’s just that you should stay wise when shopping hacks so that consumptive entertainment activities don’t confuse you financially. So, what is the right way to be wise in shopping when stress hits?

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Carefully Set the Budget

One of the easiest ways to control all consumption activities is to set the budget as well as possible. You may have a hobby of shopping or just snacking, if the activity is done consciously, adjusted to the ability of the pocket, and not impulsive.

To start this way, try to allocate a budget in such a way specifically for these needs. For example, opening a special account so that expenses can be more organized.

This account can be allocated every month when you get a monthly salary or other source of income. Of course, the amount of the budget is according to the needs of each. But just make sure, the allocation is only about 5% to 10% so as not to interfere with other priority needs.

Be smart when shopping online

Technological developments have made many people start to be attracted to online shopping . In fact, this habit has begun to infect workers in the office.

Online shopping is indeed quite effective as a means of releasing stress when the demands of office work are peaking. Unfortunately, if you are not careful enough to go too far, this activity can become a habit that disrupts finances. Especially if you like shopping with a credit card.

Bring supplies from home to keep your wallet healthy

This one trick does sound classic but believe me it is very effective in controlling expenses while at work. Not only healthier, bringing lunch for lunch also greatly affects financial conditions. Of course, these expenses do not include snacks or snacks such as coffee and so on. On the other hand, if you bring your own supplies, the savings made are quite large.

Reduce Lazy Attitude

Extravagant activities carried out in the office are often driven by laziness or fear of missing out on trends. For example, there is a coworker who wears a new bag or shoes and immediately becomes the center of attention. When you know the price of the bag is quite affordable and can be paid in installments, of course, more and more friends who talkative want to buy it so that it is considered slang and contemporary.