Settle on Nothing But the Best Filtered Water Dispenser For Your Dear Family

Settle on Nothing But the Best Filtered Water Dispenser For Your Dear Family

When it comes to choosing a filtered water dispenser for your family, you need to be particularly choosy and very careful about it. After all it is the health of your family which is at stake here. So, you just cannot compromise with anything less than the best in its league.

But tell me, don’t you think this decision is a little confusing to make? With so many brands, so many variants; how in the world is one supposed to pick the best filtered water dispenser for her home?

Making this decision is easy provided you know how specific types of purifiers work. Let’s talk about a Reverse Osmosis based filtered water dispenser for example.

It is based on the principle of reverse osmosis which typically involves a thin semi permeable membrane with ultra fine pores on it. This membrane acts like a sieve and when water is made to pass through it; it filters it; allowing only small water molecules to pass and blocking the larger contaminants to stay behind.

So far so good. This information is not at all difficult to find out. But you don’t have to stop here, you have to think and ask yourself a few questions here.

For example, what would happen to the contaminants which are smaller in size – smaller than the size of the pores on the membrane? Won’t they be allowed to pass through? If that is the case, it means the water dispensed by this unit is not really clean, pure and safe!

This is exactly the case here. Chlorine and prescription drugs – the two most dangerous contaminants, are smaller in molecular size and hence are left unchecked by these purifiers! Now that you have found out this fact, you know for sure that this is definitely not the unit that you want to take for your home, right?

See, the basic thumb rule is that with so many different types of contaminants present in water; it is just not possible for any single filtration technique to remove all of them. What you need is the power of more than one filtration techniques.

And this is exactly what is provided by a Multi stage water purifier which involves more than one stages of filtration and that too based on the latest and advanced techniques like carbon filtration, sub micron filtration and ion exchange.

This filtered water dispenser is thus capable of eliminating practically all contaminants from water and dispensing aqua which is 99% clean, pure and hence absolutely safe for your consumption. Don’t you agree?