Scotsman MDT3F12A Flake Ice Machine Is Perfect for Health Care Facilities

Scotsman MDT3F12A Flake Ice Machine Is Perfect for Health Care Facilities

The primary objective of any health care facility is to rehabilitate its patients in a quiet, comfortable setting, taking care to provide a rapid and stress free recovery. There are many issues that may arise in a patient’s recovery, however, and measures should be taken to assure that your ice machine isn’t one of the stressors. The Scotsman MDT3F12A is the perfect ice machine and water dispenser to complement your facility.

The last thing you want in a hospital or elderly care facility is for germs and bacteria to run rampant. This can cause illnesses and sicknesses to spread quickly. One of the greatest features of the MDT3F12A from Scotsman is its hands-free sensor. This sensor allows ice or water to be distributed without touching any buttons or levers, and because of this there is little to no chance of cross contamination.

With experience working in senior housing and elderly care facilities, I know that many residents or patients choose to go to sleep early. Thankfully, the redesign of the MDT3F12A allows for operation with 25% less fan noise, and permits installation in the quietest of areas. No whirring fan blades or excessive noise allows for residents to sleep soundly, and for employees to work free from irritations and distractions.

The MDT3F12A from Scotsman produces 392 pounds of flake ice in a 24 hour period. The unit itself has a storage capacity of 12 pounds of ice, and with such a high production rate, it takes about 45 minutes to fully replenish the ice bin to maximum levels. Flake ice is ideal for many health care applications. It cools liquids quickly and is fast-melting in drinks. Its soft, chewable nature, accompanied with rapid melting time, greatly diminishes choking risks as well. Flake ice is also preferred in ice baths too, as it will gently conform to the contours of the body and provide maximum relief.

In terms of size, the Scotsman MDT3F12A is one of the smallest ice maker dispenser models available. It can fit just about anywhere ice is required, measuring a compact 14 inches wide and 34 inches tall. It is a perfect alternative to the large, bulky machines that clunk around and take up space in useful areas.

Scotsman has long been providing quality ice machines for various applications. The MDT3F12A has found a home as one of the premier flake ice machines in many hospitals, senior and elderly care facilities, due to its quiet operation, ice style, and perhaps most importantly, its hands-free sensor that greatly minimizes cross contamination risks. For more information on the MDT3F12A, or to incorporate one into your facility, visit our Ice Machines Plus website today. Our knowledgeable staff will do everything in their power to outfit you with the perfect ice machine that meets every one of your needs.