How to Create SEO Friendly Articles

SEO friendly articles are articles that are made in accordance with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques so that search engines can recognize the contents of the article quickly. Search engines like Google will recommend SEO friendly articles to internet users according to relevant keywords.

Keyword Research

As the name implies, keywords are one of the main keys in making SEO friendly articles. In order for your article to get a lot of readers and have high traffic , you need to determine targeted keywords . Therefore, it is very important to research keywords that are popular and have good performance. Popular keywords that have not been widely reviewed by other websites have a greater chance of ranking first on the Google page.

Article Title Optimization

The title of the article or heading 1 must be considered in making SEO friendly articles. In addition to creating an attractive title that is relevant to the content of the article, you should include keywords in the title of the article.

Also pay attention to the length of the article title because it will affect the search engine algorithm. Titles that are too short and too long will reduce the performance of the article according to search engines. Try the title of the article between 60-75 characters including the targeted keywords .

Use Sub-Title

The existence of sub-headings or headings 2 and 3 is very instrumental in making SEO friendly articles. Moreover, articles with listicle format are proven to have better performance according to search engine algorithms.

You need to structure your article so that it is easy for readers to understand. We recommend that each sub-heading contains a paragraph that is balanced between one another. Discussions that are too long in one sub-heading also need to be avoided.

Image Optimization

The presence of illustrations or photos in the article will increase the interest of the reader. In addition, the placement of images in the body of the article also serves as a pause for readers to avoid boredom and fatigue when reading articles.

Did you know that images can also be optimized to support the creation of SEO friendly articles? Before uploading image files to the website, we recommend that you change the file name according to the article keywords. Then, you need to include keyword mention in the image caption and ALT image .