Decorating Tips For 2010

Decorating Tips For 2010

As you will soon find out, the economy and trends of society have a gigantic impact on home decorating trends for the year. Interior decorating trends in 2010 are focusing on an interest in preserving the past, while money and pursuing items will stand back.

Use Colors that Reflect the Past

Aged colors, heirloom colors, and distressed finishes all bring people back to their past. Use earthy brown hues, smoky blues, and aged greens on paint and fabric. Also, as people lean towards greener lifestyles, recycled furniture and accessories are an ever increasing trend. Try to reuse, repaint, and refinish items instead of throwing them away. Using the items in their original worn finishes is also popular.

Ancestral Decoration

More and more people are tracing back their ancestry with new tools that allow them to do so easily. Use patterns and designs that reflect your aboriginal, Native American, African tribal, or Celtic ancestry. Vibrant, though subdued colors such as tomato red, and ocean blue go along well with these bold patterns.

Simplify Things

As people are returning to their pasts they are seeing that money is not the most important thing in life. The economy’s current condition is creating a desire for people to simplify their lives. Grays and whites will be very popular neutrals this year. A warm putty gray can be teamed up with a buttery yellow or deep taupe to give life and vibrance to the simple design.

Infuse Hope and Optimism

We all live on the assumption that things will continue to get better, and dreams will be fulfilled. Reflect this optimistic view in your decor. Vibrant violet colors, warm tangerine, and sunny yellow can be used on fabrics and accessories throughout your home. Adding small comforts like bed rest pillows and floor pillows throughout your main living space can add a sense of welcome that people need in this coming age.

There is a large trend of longing for the past, and longing for a bright future. With these two themes combined, you get a unique and bold interior decorating style for your home.