Home Interior Design Adds Beauty to the Comfort of Your Home

Home Interior Design Adds Beauty to the Comfort of Your Home

While comfort is synonymous to one’s home, beauty is an adjective that is rarely associated with homes in real life. The interesting thing is, it does not take much to turn a clean and practical house into a beautiful one – and that also without spending much!

All it takes is some creativity, an eye for good color scheme, and just wee bit knowledge of home interior design.

Take off the stick-on hooks from the doors and get a curtained corner for your clothes. Or pull down the heavy curtains and have some brighter and fresher shades on your doors and windows. Even getting rid of the clutter from the table and placing a decent sized vase can add to the interior design of your living room. And if you can think of nothing else, get rid of that bulky sofa from your home, bring in a soft, comfortable rug, and throw around a few bright cushions on the floor. Your visitors are bound to be floored by your sense of home interior design!

Easy as it sounds, decorating one’s house needs plenty of forethought. Otherwise you might end up making a mess of your home interior design. You may discover that placing the TV in the new corner only has the entire window light reflected from the screen!

While setting the furniture it must be kept in mind that any source of natural light is not obstructed, windows and doors have the space to open up, there is plenty of light at the writing table, preferably natural light; and equally important is noticing that your TV or computer monitor does not reflect overhead light or is not opposite a source of light – like a window or door opening out to the sky.

It is a principle of home interior design that walls and ceilings should be painted in pastel shades, as these reflect light and makes your house look brighter. Doors and windows, when painted in the color of your walls, gel beautifully to create a light and a fresh aura.

Curtains too play a vital role in creating the mood for your room. Lacy curtains bring in delicacy; curtains in bright and lively colors enliven a dull room; dark and heavy curtains bring in a sense of repose and peace. You can thus choose different color schemes for your bedroom, living room and kitchen to enliven your home interior design.

Similarly, color coordinating the furniture of your room can go a long way in imprinting your individual taste on your home interior design. Wooden cane furniture looks airy and light, but is strong and portable. Heavily cushioned furniture speaks of repose and luxury. Read your personality and apply your taste to your house. After all, this is your hearth, your personal ‘home-sweet-home’ of fables!