Great Plans for Interior Design and Decorating

Great Plans for Interior Design and Decorating

We started with the carpeting, which the client wanted to keep. It had blue and grey tones, so I used that as my starting point for the interior design of this living room. I found a wonderful fabric with a large damask pattern. Instead of overwhelming the room I opted to use the Damask for the window panels. I trimmed the tops of the panels with a coordinating trim.

The sofas were custom-made by my craftsmen to the size and specifications of the client’s wants and needs. The feel and design for this living room was one that creates a sense of balance. That is why I chose to center the sofas. I also centered two black console tables on either end of the windows in the room. I then added mirrors sized to fit into the panel molding above these console tables. The mirrors reflected the lighting from the crystal chandelier and add a sense of glamour to the design.

The client wanted artwork that made a real statement. The painting we chose for the focal point on the wall certainly has achieved that look. It adds color and an element of nature to the room that grounds us.

The ottoman was to take center stage. I found a Teflon-treated fabric that was done in a metallic silver tone which we used to upholster the ottoman.

We then added elegant, silver studs in the pattern of a classic Greek key design to add interest and further define the space. We trimmed the ottoman with the same velvet as the sofa.

Underneath the console tables we had my upholster design two more custom ottomans. To our amazement and delight, these ottomans priced out very well. When we use local craftsmen, we have the ability to customize the pieces exactly to our specifications for the room.

As a Long Island interior designer, I was anxious to give the interior of this room the WOW factor. The homeowners are very pleased with their new living room interior design. I understood their needs and together we made a good team.