Fresh Water Dispenser Facts!

Fresh Water Dispenser Facts!

We have been so concerned with a lot of different problems that affect our world today, but there are some issues that remain overlooked. One of these would be the availability of fresh drinking water. Did you know that more than thirty-five thousand people die daily because of impure or no drinking water? If we look at greater figures, that equates to twelve million people dying annually because of a lack of fresh water. Where we buy our water is one thing, but where we store it in our homes is also another. While we have been used to storing our drinking water in classic water coolers, ceramic water crocks are also gaining popularity these days, and it comes as no surprise why this is a more ideal choice.

Feel free to leaf through your old history books and you will find out that water crocks are not a new technological discovery. In the olden times, even before the refrigerators were invented, people from different parts of the globe were able to enjoy fresh cold water from ceramic like crocks. While this was probably made of clay or other material, the concept is essentially the same: storing water in a natural container without the use of chemicals or even electricity.

There are still other options to water dispensers aside from water crocks and coolers, but these are less popular in urbanized areas. One example would be filtered tap water which involves purchasing small filters and attaching them to faucets and spouts. Recently, there have been more complaints about impure water. This has driven the majority of the community to purchase bottled water instead. Bottled water has become a more convenient approach to making sure that your water is safe. You can go to a new city (even a new country for that matter) and just ask for bottled water. That is how dependent we have been on buying what we drink from plastic bottles.

What is great about these new ceramic water crocks is that it can give you the benefits of fresh and cold water without the environmental risks and also without racking up your electricity bill. Since the containers are made of ceramic, it removes the “plastic taste” that is present in most water coolers. You do not have to plug it in. It is not difficult to replace or clean. You can use tap water and put it in the water crock.

Various types of ceramic water crocks are available in the market today. You can now choose from a variety of vibrant colors, designs and sizes. If you are the type who likes everything color coordinated in their home, then the water crock will be ideal for you! There are also sizes that are ideal for table tops and counter stands. For bigger spaces, floor stands are also sold in various retail stores in the country.

We do not want to take the safety of our fresh drinking water for granted. If you want purified and safe water for you and your family, ceramic water crocks will be your best possible choice.