Frame Decoration For Harmonized Interior Design

Frame Decoration For Harmonized Interior Design

A picture frame is a design element not to be overlooked whether enclosing a precious work of art or a prized family photograph. A carefully chosen frame increases the aesthetics and overall harmony of a well-decorated room. Since a bad frame can ruin the entire effect of the artwork from one room, you need to determine decorating style and function of the room where the picture will be hung which must be considered when choosing. You need to enlighten your knowledge of some option by visiting art galleries and museums in your area to see how different frames are used to enhance photographs and paintings before shopping for its.

Another way to select the perfect frame is hunting for decorating books and magazines to see framed pictures displayed in homes. You can find hundred to thousand idea of frame decoration for your home. After get list of best option, the next step is to consider the type of picture and the style in which the room is decorated to determine what type of frame would best fit on its.

The important thing it is must complement the image it holds. Keep in mind the painting or photo and find a frame that will enhance it when searching for it. For example, an ornate gold frame will be matched with a traditional oil painting while a natural wood frame look beautiful on a painting of a lush forest for interior design living room, and a soft blue frame could be used to accentuate a color from the picture it encloses.

The size and shape of the frame also make an impact on overall design appearance. A small picture can have unique presence in a larger and elaborate frame. A frame with thick sides can also hold a small painting from going unnoticed while a large painting is often lead to best effect by a plain thin frame.